Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bazola and Bowl for a font

The bowl I started as a way of testing my new stump form got completed this afternoon.

As you can see from the photo it is in fact a double bowl. A brass bowl formed to fit inside a zinc coated brass bowl. Both are made from recycled found metal. They are riveted together with copper handset rivets.

Barry Smith © Double bowl font
The bowl is just under 300mm wide and about 50-75 mm deep. I intend to use it as part of an outside garden water font - a piece for a quiet place. I am really pleased with the contrast between the straight brass and the zinc coated brass - when polished it lets a lovely lustre show through. And Velma - yes the stump form also works well as a font in its own right - it collected quite a bit of rain water today.

As there are always off cuts from bowl making I did make a few Bazola pieces; and a few leaves.

Barry Smith © Bazola bits
Barry Smith © Foldformed zinc & brass leaves
If you check out Noela's blog you will see that the Small Treasures and Pleasures exhibition (including Bazola  jewellery) is fully set up on its own for the next two months.


  1. what a stunning garden sculpture! i just love the transformation of the metal to the leaves...fascinating!

  2. Looking fabulous, Barry - love the bowl just as is, and I am looking forward to working with the Bazola bits xoxoxo

  3. looks fab... i like the combination of metals. (and of course the "scraps" are great too!)

  4. Hello Barry . . May I put some of the pics of your work on my tumblr blogs now and then? (link to your blog & with your name . . & I'm a rust over also and also gravitate to circles.

  5. JG - Happy for you to place pics of my work on your Tumblr with links etc. Good for fellow rust lovers to have the stuff out there. Go well. B


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