Sunday, December 5, 2010

Coffee and pumpkins

Saturday and Sunday have been construction days for us. Yesterday we helped Fiona's brother to rebuild his front stairs; and today Fiona's folks helped us to sheet the ceiling of the mezzanine in the shed. Whilst we worked nature has been doing its creative thing outside.

We have masses of delicate white flowers on our coffee bushes - that means lots more beans next year - we have 30 coffee bushes in all.

And you can see from the photo below the pumpkin vines have gone ballistic again with all the rain we are having. Mind you when I think that talented artist and farmer  Ronnie has planted at least 3 acres of pumpkins we aren't even really trying. Still we are happy with the gift of produce the block gives us.


  1. oh wow!! that's so cool! it's been a long time since i saw a coffee bush. i remember my tuition teacher use to have one in her garden, just as a novelty plant and we use to pick the little coffee beans off the plant and smell them (we were brats :) do you make your own coffee? it must be so satisfying!
    and the pumpkin plants ... wow ... you must live in a beautifully vast and natural area to be able to do all that you do ... sculpturing, planting and just living the good life. how wonderful!!

  2. L-yes we are very lucky to live where we do; and the soil is extremely fertile - so our hard work on the block is often rewarded with healthy produce. AQny we will roast our first batch of coffee in a couple of weeks - will let you know the results. b

  3. Wold be interested to know about growing coffee and then roasting the beans. I live with a coffee nut!


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