Friday, December 10, 2010

Bowl Beating Block

Fridays seem to becoming a day where there is a mix of things to do on the block with the reward of doing creative stuff in the afternoon. Can't complain really - Fiona and I start Friday with a juice, a walk, a coffee in town and then breakfast and the paper before really starting the day. And the start to the day was gentle - I delivered the Shrine for Book Lovers to our local bookshop Rosetta's for them to use as a promotional display - I think it will lead to a bit of promotion for me as well and maybe a commission or two.

Anyway after spending the morning doing more construction work in the shed I decided to use the afternoon to make a bowl forming block; and test it by beating out a bowl.

Well the photo (bit blurry - art shot really) below shows a couple of bowls beaten in the form - when finished they will become an outdoor font.

I made the form by using a rotary chainsaw carving tool I bought in Portland Oregon when we were over there in June. I had never used one of these before but intended to carve out a bowl form into a stump of Bunya Pine that I salvaged when the power folk were removing trees.

As you can see the carving job went well; and showed off some good grain in the pine.


  1. Sounds like a good productive day. Interesting to see the rotary chainsaw ...... I havn't seen one before.

  2. R - pretty amazing bit of gear - could be useful for you - I found it good from a control perspecrtive - will send details. B

  3. and i like the "stump bowl" that your mold can also be.


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