Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 &one for Velma

So much has happened in 2010 and we have all experienced so much in our life journey - not all good but we are here and we have hope. So may we all depart 2010 with a sense of survival and achievement; and enter 2011 with hope and expectation.

Fiona and I don't do Christmas cards but we do New Year cards so we have designed our cards to reach out to our friends.

But today is Friday right!!! So there had to be some creative work going on.

I tested out my diamond drills today and made a small offering bowl - not an incense bowl - this one is in honour of Velma - a small bowl to collect the dew or to make offerings in. It is small  - 110mm high and the bowl is 90mm wide.  The bowl is made from a failed tri-fold bowl - so this piece has had three lives already. And of course you are stuck with the mountains in the background


  1. ~oh how terrrible it is to be stuck with a mountain behind us and!!! beautiful barry, three lives it has lived...may it be that of only a bowl that forever fills the spirit and soul of for your new year cards...always a fan of your leaf creations...such a joy it has been these past few months and i very much look forward to the coming year seeing more of your brilliant work!!! cheers to the new ahead...may it be filled with only an abundance of blessings upon you and fiona~

  2. YES!!!!
    it's beautiful, barry! really, really fine.

  3. Barry, your card is beautiful (love your leaves as you know), the bowl is stunning. I haven't forgotten to look for some silver plate. But I clicked on your link to Velma and that was such a delight. Thank you. What a wonderful woman. Happy New Year to you and Fiona! xx

  4. Oh, how wonderful to be "stuck with the mountains in the back ground"! What a beautiful card and gorgeous offering bowl. Happy New Year!

  5. FW, V, C and OTL - thanks for your visit and comments. Twas a good way to end the year. My word for today (1/1/11) is enthusiasm - for the life and year ahead. Go well all. B


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