Saturday, January 1, 2011

A flight of letters?

I have completed my A Letter a Week 2010 (ALaW) art challenge; and have now signed up for ALaW 2011. I turned my second alphabet into a flock of birds.

Barry Smith © Flight of Letters
Barry Smith © The whole flight
The birds were created by bending each of the 7cm squares of rusted metal on the diagonal; bending some wings tips upwards; and creating a head by bending the tip of the diagonal bed downwards. Each bird is drilled in the centre of the diagonal bend; a piece of recycled wire coat hanger was flatted at the tip to allow the 'bird' to stay in place without sliding down the wire and pivot and be taken off for transportation; and the wires are placed in holes drilled into old rusted wood splitting wedges.


  1. as the alphabet comes winging by, words of a feather...hmmm...nice way of presenting and transforming these. and i find the wedges make me smile.

  2. B, looks great altogether in flight. Well done! Looking forward in seeing it in the flesh.

  3. Catching up with all you've been doing.Love these. They look so effective in a flock.


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