Sunday, January 9, 2011

Leaves to hold

In the world I'm sure there are other people like myself who like to hold and touch the texture and energy of things. On my desk I have quite an array of bits including slumped glass, small clay tablets, carved bone, small saki cups etc to hold and generally fiddle with.

I thought that some people might relate to foldformed leaves that also enfold some focus or inspirational words. I had done a prototype in the past but wanted to do a series. Well I tried that on Friday and the silver plated brass just collapsed. So on Saturday I tried it again with a different piece of silver plate and some brass from a reclaimed jardiniere.

As you can see from the above it worked reasonably well - but the question is would people want to hold such pieces and use them as energy or focal pieces.

I also experimented with a longer (150mm) romero fold leaf but added to the design by retaining some of the centre fold to create a leaf stem.

And you can't do chopping and cutting of metal without thinking Bazola. So some pieces are silver plate and some are zinc coated brass. You might note that one of the broken leaves from Friday has resurfaced as Bazola bits - maybe a set of earrings?


  1. Barry ... what an interesting notion. actually i have a collection of natural crystals which i hold for focus or meditation. i use to do that a lot. i also visualize with them. natural crystals are said to have the same chemical breakdown as us for we all come from the same biodegradable source. thus crystals act as an amplified for our thoughts.

    and since you mentioned it ... minerals do the same. silver, copper, gold, etc ... they come from the earth too. i am sure for people who meditate with raw crystals, surely they would see the similarities between crystals and your leaves.

    it's interesting also that you hold other natural elements like bone, clay and such... it's never occurred to me to hold these things but i am sure they resonate energy as well since they are part of this land and are natural.

  2. i like your wordless leaf very much. what i really really like is the lovely form of your leaves, the curves, the edges, the ruffles. i wonder if two metals in a leaf would work harmoniously.

  3. such brilliance...i like the wordless leaf but i also adore the ones with the words.

  4. Interesting that in general people like the leaves with out the words. I need to think about that . Thanks. Go well B


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