Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Metal strap bowl

For some time I have entertained the idea of weaving metal packing strap into the form of a bowl. I had tried out my weaving skills on my skeletal leaf which turned out ok and is curing (rusting more) in the yard.

Well I gave it a try in my 30 minutes in the studio yesterday and today. I riveted eight lengths of strap together in a star shape and bent them into a general bowl shape. Then the lesson started - 15mm wide metal strap will not go around curves and be plaited through the straps that are forming the bowl; nor will 12mm strap; and nor will 5mm copper straps. So the options were - string or ribbons - not really my mediums. So I tried copper wire. It worked reasonably well. And if I took the time it could look better.

Still I did manage to create this prototype and test the idea - I think it will be worth giving another go when I approach the task with a little more time.

Barry Smith © Metal strap bowl

Barry Smith © Metal strap bowl
After weaving with wire I did beat the whole thing with a metal hammer to shape the form into a better bowl shape and also flatten the wire and so harden it. The copper wire has now been treated with a bit of patina solution to give it an aged look to match the rusted strap.


  1. ~for a test...i must say it is gorgeous...each time i come over for a visit i am always anxious to see where your mind has wandered and what you have decided to create...tis a beautiful bowl and surely you must give it another have a gift at creating such unique pieces but i think i am quite partial to your bowls...i really like the spiral circle made from the copper wire...thank you for everything as of late...i truly appreciate such generosity and kindness from you both...much love light and blessings upon you and yours

  2. oh MY!!! that's BEAUTIFUL!!! the rust and the patina, the shape and the intricate weave .... oh my ...and i love how you use the word "curing" in replacement of rusting .. it shows that you respect rust as an element that contributes to the beauty of a piece of artwork, just like paint or shiny metal :)

  3. cool, barry, and i hope it's ok; i think you might like looking at my friends butch and pat bramhall, you might find an idea or two. they might enjoy seeing your work, too.

  4. FW - we can be a bit lucky with some tests. And you are more than welcome regarding vibes and support. That is in part what our blog communities are about I believe. B
    L - glad you were excited by the bowl, rust and patina - like you I actually see rust and patina as desirable substances. B
    V- thanks for comment and link to Pat and Butch - great work. My work will never v
    be as fine as artisans such as they. B


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