Thursday, January 6, 2011

Smile for rust lovers

Fiona's dad keeps an eye out for bits of rust and metal for me; but also rusted related things of interest. He dropped in this gem of a cartoon by Leunig that was published in the Sydney Morning Herald Weekend Edition Jan 1-2 P.21. Thought the rust lovers out there might get a smile out of it. Should we just leave the rust alone - that is the big question?

Fiona has started this cleaning program which went underground today - down into the studios. I felt compelled to follow suit this afternoon. Mind you given the state of my work bench I just had no choice.

Still the bench is clear for a bit of beating of metal tomorrow.

The 30kg anvil is one of my favourite pieces of equipment. I managed to give most of my metal working hammers a bit of a buff as well- so I am all good to go.


  1. Vintage Leunig indeed. What a gentle attitude he has, and manages to instil a feeling of empathy for that piece of steel. A rare talent.

  2. As a gatherer of all things rusty I'm quite humored...we have a slate roof and I collect the fallen pieces that I find in the yard.. ahh the treasures that lie on on the ground!
    I am also in a cleaning and reorganizing frenzy in the's very rejuvenating as I'm sure Fiona will agree!

  3. i'm sorry ... but i really couldn't stop laughing at the last sentence ... it's probably meant to be serious, but when you visualize a piece of rusty bit of steel going all profound ... i just can't help myself ...!! if you dun mind, i'm going to safe this picture in my computer, Barry :)

    ahh... workspace ... this is the second i've seen today whilst blog visiting ... makes me wanna show mine too ... but it's really messy at the moment ... sigh! actually, it's ALWAYS messy!!

  4. What a charming (and thought-provoking) cartoon! And that anvil - a gift from Hephaestus himself?

  5. that comic is just wonderful!

    i have been looking on ebay (and in antiques stores when possible) for a little anvil. haven't found a nice little one yet, but i will!

    bet it feels great to have the workspace cleared.

  6. great cartoon, says it all. Love it xoxoxoxo

  7. L -thought the cartoon might appeal to some of the fellow hunters and gathers - including slate. V- when in Portland Oregon Fiona bought me a small anvil from Harbour Freight hardware. TT - love the reference to Hephaestus - spot on.L - it is always good to have a messy space which we title 'studio' - as you know mine is now the garage and outdoors. B


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