Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wire Whimsy

Today seemed quite long - I spent a lot of time at the computer. By the time I reached the end of the day I almost felt too jaded to do the rejuvenating 15-30 minutes in the studio. However in her comment on my strap bowl Velma had given me a link to a couple of silversmiths Pat and Butch Bramhall who do exquisite woven metal work; and this encouraged me to head down under and just play with woven wire.

I set myself the challenge of seeing what I could do by way of creating a small bowl with woven wire in less than an hour. The end product is quite a whimsical thing - the whole piece is about 120-140mm across including the copper wires that stick out.

Barry Smith © Wire whimsy bowl
The task started by cutting a square of brass out of the side of what used to be a cylinder for a camping stove.

I cut a 60-70mm circle out of the square and then beat it into a shallow bowl. After drilling and bending the holes I laced the copper wire through and started the task of weaving it together with various wire I had to hand.

It isn't the most finished piece but it was fun and a good way to unwind. Looks a bit like an unfinished bird's nest ?


  1. such a coincidence as I was thinking birds nest and them i got to the end of your post...

    superb and fascinating.. i love the way you've amalgamated the metals together with the weaving and the back is as lovely as the front which i think is important when creating a piece..

  2. hey, cool. i like the lively bird's nest bowl! so would butch and pat!

  3. L- Sometimes one gets lucky when the back and front both work. Next time I will spend a bit more time on it - a better class of bird's nest could be the result.

    V - as I indicated B&Ps work is inspirational. B


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