Saturday, January 8, 2011

The little known bin dance.

We recently had our friend Jeff stay with us to catch up but also sort out some stuff we are storing for him. We got a collapsable 3cubic metre skip for the heaps of cardboard, paper etc that needed to be disposed of.

Well  it was getting pretty full so after a night of rain I decided to do a little dance on it to pack it down. It worked - we fitted a lot more stuff in. Note the clouds and misty rain in the background.

Fiona took the above candid photo of me doing my dance. I thought it was pretty funny so thought I'd share it. And of course I was dressed in sartorial splendour for the occassion!!!!


  1. bin dance sounds awesome!! hmm... i wonder ... if i can rework it into a workspace dance or a storage space dance ... that would be useful ;)

  2. L-your comment made me smile - not sure how it would go as a workspace or storage dance but it was a bit of fun. Go well. B

  3. It looks like fun! Pre-digital cameras, I have images of myself and an artist friend atop a construction bin, diving for goodies for assemblage. The young man who was the job site foreman caught us. I think he had a difficult time keeping a straight face as he told us to get down and leave his junk alone!
    We got some good stuff before we were caught!

  4. great think to do in this weather :) xoxoxoxo

  5. I love your shorts-- so dressy for a all your metal work- rusty or bent or pounded or rolled.. all wonderful.

  6. P - thought you'd be charmed. LAM - hmmm!! Methinks you might have been bin surfing - quite different to the little known art of bin dancing. D - I did say sartorial splendour - big pockets for collecting stuff. It is affirming that that you love my work - thanks.B


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