Thursday, January 27, 2011

Variety is the spice of life???

Since Saturday we seemed to have been on a bit of a roller-coaster - lots of work-work and community work - not a lot of time for personal art - or at least that is how it seems - still managing to get the 15-30 minutes in each day in some form or other.

When I look back I have managed to complete my first four letters for the ALaW 2011 challenge.

Barry Smith © ALAW3
I have cut and sanded a cube of Huon Pine in preparation for putting a font together. Sometimes so much time can go into the preparation.

And I spent time finishing the body of the dragon for the Festuri placemaking art event. And as part of the art4place team we spent 4 hours yesterday (Australia Day) doing temporary placemaking art with a focus on Chinese sister cities; and engaging children and parents in that art.

And hey tomorrow is Friday!!


  1. Very arty alphabet ..... and the block of wood...... just my cuppa tea.

  2. love the letters...looking forward to seeing where the wood goes...
    what a lovely day.. we've been pounded with snow resulting in closures and power outages.. just getting back into it..send some of that sunshine this way will you please?

  3. Great to see you having sunny days at last. I like your metal letters, they'll look stunning when you get them all together.


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