Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shiny days

My time in the studio over the last couple of days has been spent on making bits for Bazola; and polishing bowls and leaves. The Bazola bits have gone Noela's way so that she could make a commissioned pendant.

Barry Smith © Bazola Pendant bits
The bowls  will become  part of incense or offering bowls for our March exhibition.

Barry Smith © Incense & meditation
Barry Smith © Foldformed bowls
And the leaves are there just because I enjoy doing them.

Barry Smith © Copper foldformed leaves
It is good to be able to play with shiny stuff given the number or grey and rainy days we are having at the moment.


  1. What beautiful shiny stuff. The Bazola bits are gorgeous but I think I like those beaten bowls best. After my favs, the leaves.

  2. A very happy new year, Barry.

    Elegant designs.

    I hope you have a new year filled with good health and prosperity and joy.

    Thank you, from Japan.

  3. Your bowls and leaves are brilliant as always, Barry!
    Thanks for your kind visit and your lovely comment!
    A Happy and Healthy New Year to you too. I'm looking forward to a creative new year and hope you have one as well!
    Gaby xo

  4. Happy New Year Barry and thanks for stopping by! All your pieces are fabulous but the leaves are always my favorite..oh and the bowls...I do love those too!

  5. Ooh, shiny, shiny! Beautiful work (as usual)B.

    My leaf is now sitting next to a carved wooden gum leaf on my little bookshelf. It sparkles under my reading lamp. The bowl, is now on Al's bedside table, he is very taken with it, but he's a practical bloke and used it to hold his morning tablets!

    If I haven't said it already,
    wishing you and peaceful and creative new year.

  6. have i told you how incredibly awesome your lovely leaves are? well, yes, indeed, they are.

  7. All - thanks for your comments and wishes for 2011. I guess the bowls and leaves will continue to flow this year. I have some silver leaves with hidden words planned for tomorrow. Go well. B


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