Friday, January 21, 2011

Fungi on Friday

It has been a good art day today. I managed to get town, work-work and community grants stuff done by late morning so even made it to the studio (garage) before lunch.

I worked on my letters for ALaW 2011; and was beating up a storm on a 'litter' of leaves. But also I had noticed that the recent heavy rain had resulted in lots of different fungi on the block; and even my book stacks have got mould and fungi.

Barry Smith © Friday Fungi
The photo below shows the mould and fungi on the book stacks.

Barry Smith © Stack Fungi

And the other photos are of fungi in the garden and on some of my wood blocks (tree trunks).

Barry Smith © Stump fungi
Barry Smith © Stump Fungi 2
Barry Smith © Stump fungi 3
Barry Smith © Stump fungi 4
Barry Smith © Stump fungi 5


  1. Isn't Nature amazing? What comes as a catastrophe for some species, proves a benefit to others. Regardless, somewhere, somehow, there is always growth...

    These are really cool shots, B!

  2. Wonderful pics, Barry - especially like the yellow ones - very unusual xoxo

  3. WOW! wonderful, amazing, unusual, superb wat else can I say,
    great photo's Barry.

  4. TT, N, M - nature offers us such great opportunities for colour, texture and shapes. B

  5. awesome fungi, they are some of my favorite friends. Love the jelly fungi in the first image.

  6. T- amazed that you recognised the jelly fungi - such a strong colour for such a small delicate thing. B


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