Friday, January 28, 2011

Fantastic Friday

My morning word for today was 'fun'. Whilst the morning was taken up with work-work the day as a whole has been and will be filled with fun and other fantastic stuff.

As Fiona has indicated on her blog today is the day when we launched our art websites. This has been a pretty big task for us; and I must say the praise etc needs to go to Fiona as she has carried the load on this both from a organisational, design and also technical sense.

Barry Smith © Hot Light - Light Catcher assemblage
You can check out the new website by doing one of two things: either by clicking on My Website on the righthand panel; or by going to the Website tab at the top of the page. Hope you enjoy.

Our websites are part of our identity makeover. Over the last few months we have had art 'business' cards designed and printed; redesigned our blogs; and now our websites are out there. This is all part of our effort to get our art out there a bit more in a slightly more professional way. Next of course is to do the online sales thing. That will come - but one step at a time does it.

It has been quite a journey for us art wise. As Fiona indicates we gave up secure well paid public sector jobs five years ago today and moved to our country town 4.5 years ago to pursue a quieter life with a focus on creating. And we are really pleased that we made that move. Still a way to travel on the journey yet but smiles are the go.

So there will be more fun on Friday as we break out the bubbles to celebrate: 5 years art journey, the launch of the website, our wedding anniversary, life and dinner out tonight.


  1. Barry, the web site is beautiful.I've just spent ages looking at every last thing and can't decide what I like the most, though for me, the leaves are competing with the assemblages. Congratulations, wonderful!

  2. big, no, huge congratulations all around.

  3. ~fantastic friday in so many wonderful ways...much too be celebrating this day...congrats on your website...fiona created a beautiful space to share your art with the world...

    i honor you and fionas will to let go of security to seek out happiness in a way that speaks to your have found a sanctuary that only helps to fill your spirit and i am sure the quietness of the land helps clear ones minds and allow for great inspiration...

    happy 5 years love and be loved...there is nothing more one could each day cones forth...may you always remember the love shared and felt and why you chose to journey together...may your days be only blissful and bright...and may you forever create moments and memories you long to a beautiful couple and fantasticly wonderful friday to you and fiona!!! much love light and blessings~

  4. C, V and FW - thanks for your thoughts and vibes - they help us on the journey - part of the connected community thing.

    FW - thanks for you love, blessings and support - the temple bell, was gonged thrice for you and healing tonight.

    Go well all. B

  5. Wonderful achivements and the websites are great. Well done xoxoxox

  6. i just visited Fiona :) Congratulations to you both!! this is indeed a day to remember :) and i'm so envious that you guys are brave enough to leave "boring" in pursue of a dream and your passion!

  7. Barry...wonderful news! Congratulations on your five year milestone...cause for celebration! A lot can happen in five two are gaining momentum, so no telling where the next five years will take you!
    I'm off to check out the websites! P.

  8. Congratulations Barry, to you both! I've just come from Fiona's blog and then both your new sites and they look perfect - clean, professional, informational, easy to get around and a great showcase for your works. I admire you two so much and the journey you've chosen (which is mine as well) to leave behind the 9 to 5 working world and embrace a life in art, which is what we were made for. I wish you both all the best - continued (and increasing) success!

  9. Barry,

    The website is fantastic! I also enjoyed hearing to talk a little bit about your history as an artist. There are a lot of us out here on the exact same journey, and I feel like I am in very good company with you and Fiona.

    Have a great weekend,

  10. Barry, Congratulations all around .. on your 5 years, your anniversary, the site and life!
    Your light catcher assemblage is out of this world incredible and has a very cool steampunk flair.
    The new website is perfection..hats off to you and Fiona.. the site is brilliant. It's a joy to be able to see more of your work and to learn of the history behind your pieces and your journey as an artist. Btw, your lovely pieces are featured on todays blog post.. sorry it took me a bit to get it up. There are some additional photos of other pieces and a some quotes from your artist statement...hope it all meets with your approval. It was very exciting to be able to link to your new website. Again, many thanks.. the bowl and leaf inspire my creativity and fill me with much joy..namaste. L

  11. Yes, congrats B, well done all round, your new websites look wonderful.

  12. Well N, P TT, BS and L - I am stoked that people whose work I admire think that I have hit the mark with the website but probably also taking the art journey. A journey that has its winkles from time to time but still such a fulfilling dimension of life.

    L - how can I thank you for the generous exposure that you have given me in response to a leaf and small bowl. Thanks. I feel inspired and supported by the blogging artist community. May we be there for each other and assist us to believe in our stuff and of course maybe even assist us to sell some of our bits.

    All thanks, go well, create well and sell some bits.


  13. Congrats on many fronts....the wedding anniversary is of course the hugest congratulations...sounds like the last five years have been quite a wonderful adventurous journey for you two wonderful people!


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