Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leaf for rust lovers

After three sessions of cutting, bending and tying wire the skeletal leaf is complete. I tested it out with a number of backgrounds.

Leaves and rust

Beige gravel and plants

Blue gravel

Bitumen driveway

And detail with leaves

The leaf is about 1.5m long by .4m wide - made from recycled rusted iron rod and barbed wire.


  1. I vote driveway! All the backgrounds make for great shots, but driveway shows off the leaf best, makes it look almost like something fossilized and unearthed at an archaeological site! But this is an awesome piece, any way you look at it!

  2. ~ah they are done and spectacular...for the l♥ve of rust adn leaves!! and yes...i think though you may have already started a peace movement with what you have created and shared...a beautiful idea and thought...what else could we do to spread many were in awe of your pieces you gifted and for that i do hope you are filled with an abundance of blessings sprinkling your day to day! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. yes, driveway gets my vote.
    great piece barry, as always.

  4. Intersting that the driveway gets the vote. Maybe it is because of the steely grey? I think the piece would loomk good mounted on a sttely grey wall. B

  5. Though it doesn't show up as well I love the leaves and rust. The detail photo holds my attention too.


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