Sunday, October 3, 2010

It is normal !!!!

I was talking to Fiona about my recent foraging for bits and the need to spread them out to look at them and see the connections between pieces so that I can envisage assemblages such as my light catchers and incense burners.

I commented that I hope she didn't mind my collections, such as the above, spread out in the garage in the space under the pumpkin hammock. Her response was "not at all - that is just normal" .. nice of her to say that but "normal"? I know that artists such as Donna, Robyn, Kim and many others have their 'collections' of bits - but I am not sure that makes it "normal". Still I am happy that I live with a fellow artist who does very different work to me but understands.
We went for a country drive today and course kept our eyes out for art galleries and 'collectable' shops and garage sales - we did manage to see a couple of 'collectable outlets' but the best was in fact a farm garage sale.

Most stuff was gone but the woman had 4 great solid heavy cast iron wheels for sale (600-700mm in diameter) - so we bought the four of them for a good price and carried them home in the VW Golf - must say it was nicely weighted in the rear on the trip home. These will become part of bigger works - circles within squares?? I just love the offset circle in the bigger toothed wheel. And great rust of course.


  1. Oh my, what wonderful finds....just love old wheels!

  2. Oh yum! My eyes are darting from corner to corner picking out pieces i recognize and others that i don't. My husband isn't an artist but he loves the fact that i get so excited about rusty metal. He collects old rusty farm implements so we both have the collector gene.

  3. C&R - always good to see other junk junkies are out there. R - it made me smile tio think you might spend time identifying bits - it might make you smile to see some bits appearing in the light cathers. Go well and create abudantly. B


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