Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Updating art identity

As Fiona indicated in a post a couple of days ago that given the fact that we have a couple of upcoming exhibitions etc we are putting a bit more effort into our art identities and promotion.

We had our young designer friend Holly Webber design our new art business cards; and a splash page for our 'websites to be'. A photo of my cards is above - same fronts but three different images on the back. Square of course because I like squares and cubes.

Fiona's and my website will take a little longer to develop - we have to learn how to do it ourselves so that we can do our own updating. Still we have made a start.


  1. ~just popped over and so far it looks wonderful...will you be selling your pieces here...i truly adore your leaves and bowls you have wishes and you website and brightest blessings upon you always~

  2. FW - it is great tio get commentas such as yours - they up lift and give energy - thanks. I will eventually wsell my pieces on the website but for now I still sell through exhibitions and galleries. In my Friday post you can see that I will be selling through Thanks also for your blessings. Go well. B


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