Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday- fellow artists and finishing bowls

Art on Friday is one of the mantras in our household - though art comes in all forms. Today I met with a 'wood artisan' who contacted me and said he had a gift of rusted tools that had come from a friend who died recently. I spent sometime admiring his creativity and workshop - ended up with a severe case of equipment envy. I travelled to Montville with Noela and Fiona to deliver Fiona's metal books and dream boats and Bazola (Noela and I) pieces to Mark at Main Street Gallery. And after mowing the front of our block I did finish a couple of meditation bowls and a foldformed leaf. So a varied art Friday.

The bowl above is made from new copper and has a focus on the present - so the wording is Now, Be, Centred, Here. It can be read from any point and makes sense - live in the present.

The second bowl looks weary and worn as it is made from copper recycled from a laundry boiler. However is invites one to Live, Laugh and have Light in whatever moment we find ourselves - even when weary and worn.

The leaf is made from a silver plated tray. Something beautiful from something so utilitarian. I think it will be a gift for a friend.


  1. ~off on your inspiration and peaceful movement you go!! open that have touched so many by your works and now yet another gorgeous couple pieces of art and inspiration...i hope this finds you well and in good spirits...not sure if you accept such...if so there is something waiting for you on my little page...keep creating a gift for all to see and enjoy...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. They have so much character, your little bowls... and the leaves too... i reckon art on any day with a 'y' in it is fair!

  3. FW, S & V- always good to have a community of fellow artists around one. S- I lol when I read the comment about everyday that ends in a y - love - it would be good to have the time to do a little each day without feeling compulsion. Go well all. B

  4. The small silver leaf did find a home with a friend - a small bit of 'bright' during a pretty dark time. B

  5. The bowls are simply beautiful and I would love to have one in my hand..the rusted, aged one is my Favorite...and those small aged leaves.yumm..hmm. I know the exhibition will be a huge success for you all...julia

  6. J - Thanks for your comments and the wishes for succes - the good news is that bowls and leaves are for sale through


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