Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunny day - good for catching light

We are really having some weird weather on the east side of Australia. Last night the wind howled, gusted and buffeted all night. Still a bit breezy today - but the clouds have gone and the sun shone all day. It meant I could get outside and fix up a few things on the block - including picking up about 30 avocados blown off during the night; putting the bird netting back over the nectarine tree; and moving a bit more gravel on the terraces.

On the art front I put the Hammered Light light catcher out in the sunshine to see how it worked. The photos below show the fractured light given off including personal rainbows. I think these pieces are going to work well for people.

On Thursday when we met for coffee Noela and Ken gave me some bits to recycle. Noela's bits, including a couple of long held and precious rollers, are for assemblages (I owe Noela a light catcher now); and Ken gave me worn silver plated dishes to cut up for bowls and bling (Ken to get a silver beaten bowl). You can see from the last photo I have 'dis-assembled' Ken's silverware.


  1. you have captured wonderful light in your photos! as photographer, I consider that I am always portraying light more than anything, well done.

    avocados, yum!

    congrats on all your wonderful new treasures.

    Thank you for visiting my spirithelpers blog and your lovely comment~

  2. I love the idea of catching light.
    I have been away teaching a workshop and am catching up finally. I am writing my blog post tonight with your images and links. thank you so much.

  3. T - great to have feedback on one's work - I did like the rainbow running counter to the grain of my work bench; and just loved the crystal clearness of your droplets. Go well. B

    D - Great to have you back. What were you teaching. I have checked out the blog post - thanks for the cross link. Glad you liked the light cathers - they are off to the gallery this weekend. B


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