Friday, October 22, 2010

Creating and giving away leaves

After a morning of community work with our local Neighbourhood Centre I managed to get down to the 'studio' for a few hours this afternoon. Given my commitment to selecting a 'leaf commenter' to send the 200th blog leaves to I decided to make a start on a piece I had planned for sometime - a skeletised leaf. I love how nature can take away the leaf matter and just leave the delicate framework of the leaf behind - I want to try to create this on a larger scale in iron.

As you can see from the photo above I did not get to finish the leaf but by sundown I had made a good start. The leaf is about 1.5m long and about 400mm wide.

I am making the leaf from some 12mm iron rod (part of a wrought iron gate) Jo (a neighbour) gave me and a bale of rusted barbed wire from Noela. I must say it was all a little bit hard on the fingers - twisting high tensile barbed wire around the iron took time and a lot of sharp and rusted barb avoidance.

On the giveaway front the names of those who made comments and contributed some great quotes on leaves - which I will use in the future - were placed in our Tibetan singing bowl and a name was drawn out by Fiona; and the name was artpropelled - so the beaten brass leaves will wing their way to KwaZulu Natal. Thanks to all who contributed; and thanks for celebrating my milestone.


  1. While I am a tad envious, I am so happy Robyn won your leaves Barry, Robyn is a true lover of the arts and of the forests. And her blog, Art Propelled is a favorite. I love the look of your new skeleton leaf.

  2. ~congrats to artpropelled...such a lucky one she is to be receiving a gift from you...i know she will l♥ve it! already coming to looks wonderful! i have just finished my post reguarding my gifts received and do hope you stop by for a visit when time s allows...again many thank you and blessings upon you always~

  3. Yay! Thanks so much Barry!

    The skeletonised leaf is going to be wonderful on a bigger scale. Great photo with the sunset too.

  4. Lookin good already... look forward to seeing them develop! Tis a lovely photo too x

  5. Congrats to Art Propelled, lucky Robyn! Love the look of the skeletonised leaf too!


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