Friday, October 15, 2010

Fits and starts on Friday

Today has been one of those odd days where there just seemed to be many things going on and therefore a bit difficult to get into any thing big. Fiona has been a unwell and I have wanted to spend time with her and check how she is going. The morning was in the main also given over to community art and other people engagements. So whilst I did get down to the garage for most of the afternoon I did not feel really focused.
But having said that I did a reasonable amount of 'blacksmithing' this afternoon. I had bought a rusted 'wheat knife' - about 900mm in length - that I want to combine with a Huon Pine post to create an indoor sculptural piece. I reforged a couple of elements of the 'knife' to be able to attach it to the post. I also reforged an iron 'thingy' to include it into a new light catcher I have nicknamed Hammered Light. I also marked up some silver plated platters Ken M had given me to cut up with the angle grinder to create bowls and Bazola Jewellery bits. I didn't do the cutting as it has begun to rain again. But in the end I finished the last two light catchers for the upcoming mini exhibition.

I quite like the small light catcher (Hammered Light) - bit quirky - made from old ball hammers and the forged (hammered) piece I talked about earlier. I have posted about the second piece (Light Tower) in earlier posts but it is now polished and encrystalled.
By the way don't forget to check out the Leaf Form Giveaway post and enter the draw.


  1. ~well wishes and healing blessings for for you rlight catcher...gorgeous with the crystal giving wonderful balance to such a strong piece...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. having alot of fun B! Coming along very nicely...


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