Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sigh of relief - art work delivered

Yesterday afternoon I delivered 25 pieces to the Main Street Gallery in Montville for the Small Pleasures and Treasures stockroom exhibition (Nov 2010- Jan 2011).
This included 10 Light Catchers such as the one above - I have titled this piece Lightly Twisted.

Four bowls similar to the foldformed bowl above.

Nine metal leaves including two of the above - boxed with my new BSA signage.

And two incense burners including the one above made from an old solid fuel cooker.
The pieces with photos and prices should be on the Main Street Gallery website later in the week. It is always a relief to get your work delivered on time, packaged, photographed and priced. As pieces sell the idea is to backfill the stock. Fiona, Noela and Bazola will also be represented in the exhibition. I delivered journals and artists books for Fiona as she is still not 100%.


  1. All very beautiful work, Barry. You have found you creative niche since moving here, Can't wait to see them all displayed exquisitely by the lovely Mark of Main Street Gallery, Montville.

  2. I'm looking forward in seeing these in the flesh, B.

  3. Barry, I linked to you via Fiona, and I'm so glad I did. Your work is stunning! What a talented pair you are. I'm in awe. Carol, from the NSW Central Coast.

  4. K-keen to see what you think. B

    C-great to make the connection.F often mentions you-I understand we might see you up our way soon. B

  5. It is always a relief to finish a consignment so one can move on. I've just finished a consignment as well and am wallowing in the freedom of creating art for Me. I love seeing what you have done. All these pieces are beautiful.

  6. hello Barry,
    thank you so much for leaving me that kind message :) i was very touched by it ...
    i adore your work. your light catchers are beautiful! the way you have pieced them together is brilliant. and i totally love rust :)

    luthien :)

  7. R and L - the light cathers were something new for me but I have totally enjoyed doing them. L - may your little one grow stronger each day.


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