Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A bit of a polish and a few crystals

After all the 'work-work' and 'on the block' jobs were complete today I managed to get into the studio to put the finishing touches to eight of the pieces in my Light Catcher Series.

As you can see from the photos below I have decided to use chain to hang the crystals - I think it works with the mechanical-industrial nature of the pieces. The Light Catchers were photographed sitting on a shelf in my studio hence the shelf bracket appearing in the shots.

So the pieces are pretty well ready for market - I will probably take them to the gallery over the coming weekend. One additional quirky thing happened as I attached the crystals. In the piece that has the rusted steam gauge there was a circular concave about 25mm in diameter. I wondered if a crystal would fit into that space - no go with the first couple I tried but hey presto on the third go the crystal simply clicked into place like it was made for it. It really didn't even need fixing but to be sure I put four small dots of glue on corners. I think it adds a bit more mystery to the piece.


  1. oh, oh, oh these are fun and wonderful! and i love the one with hte guage, reminds me of my paper press whose guage i've never sorted out! but it's cool!

  2. LOVE these!! The first two in the top photo, in particular.


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