Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Helping nature do it's thing on the block

We are in the middle of summer and over the last couple of weeks the sky has been blue and the sun intense. Whilst the heat can make us humans wilt many of the veggies love it - as long as they get a bit of water from time to time.

A couple of months ago we had transplanted some pumpkin seedlings from our and Fiona's folks gardens where they had grown out of the compost. They just sat there and didn't do much - grew slowly. Over the last few weeks they have gone ballistic; and are producing much leaf and some of the biggest  (175-200mm diameter) brightest flowers I have seen - such as those below.

Barry Smith © Female pumpkin flower 
Barry Smith © Male pumpkin flower 
The pumpkin plants are over at 'the shed' and not surrounded by too many other flowers so not a lot of bees visiting. Fiona has been playing matchmaker by pollinating the female flowers with the male flower pollen.
Barry Smith © Pollination by Fiona
Barry Smith © Remnant of male flower becomes beetle fodder
And she seems to be achieving some good results given the fact that we are now starting to get a crop of pumpkins growing.
Barry Smith © Female flower a day after pollination
Barry Smith © Three days after pollination
We don't think we will achieve the numbers we did last year - but who knows as the vines begin to take over the art work including Fiona's calligraphic posts; and are already heading down amongst the coffee bushes.

Barry Smith © Vines rambling through Fiona's Sentinel Posts
I know some people are 'really riveted' by this pumpkin news - so I will give a periodic update.


  1. Barry, I am riveted by the pumpkin report!!! Johntimothy and I have been growing sugar pumpkins the last few years, starting from seeds from the pumpkins that were the table decorations during one of my nephew's wedding festivities over four years ago. Great delight to see how fast the plants grow once they start going....yay for your pumpkins! Our temperatures are plummeting for the next couple days, but then unseasonably warm again for us....enjoy your summer!

  2. I'm riveted Barry. Particularly by Fiona tickling the pumpkin's fancy... to coin a phrase.

  3. PUMPKINS! do you know how hard I was looking for the stems of the pumpkins to make my velvet pumpkins. Guess I had to go "down under".... who knew. You really should cut them really long and whimsical, dry them, send them to me! :) or less hassle make velvet pumpkins.

  4. love hearing about your pumpkins. volunteer plants are often the healthiest. they look gorgeous.

  5. Those are some big honkin' yellow flowers.. hopefully they become big honkin' orange pumpkins.. amid the wonderful calligraphy posts.

  6. Hello, Barry.

      Your excellent shot enhances charm still more.
      It is very sweet scene.

      I thank for your kindness.
    I wish You all the best. ruma ❃

  7. MB/P, JM, SZQ, TL, D & R - glad the big pumpkin flowers and the associated story made people smile. MB/P - I agree once these suckers get going it is just ballistic. SZQ - I remember the velvet pumpkin event - not sure we can export the stems - am just going to have to continue the riveting photo updates. TL - I just love the paper like petal and the vivid yellow. D- these are the biggest and most honkin big pumpkin flowers I have seen. Go well and keep smiling. B


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