Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Secret lives of spiders

One of the unexpected outcomes of our recent rain has been that many spiders' webs have become obvious. Without the raindrops clinging to the webs they just blend with the background. The following early morning photos just show a few of the very very many small webs that infest the bushes and plants on the block.
Barry Smith © Webs after rain 1
Barry Smith © Webs after rain 2
Barry Smith © Webs after rain 3
Barry Smith © Webs after rain 4
Barry Smith © Webs after rain 5

And given that I had taken the photos with the iPhone I couldn't resist altering a couple of photos.

Barry Smith © Web of jewels
Barry Smith © Web silhouette

The spider, a Funnel Web Spider,  photographed below was a little less welcome. After one wet night it had wandered into the tiled area downstairs.

Barry Smith © Funnel Web Spider
It is venomous so was not welcome in the house.


  1. how fascinating! the raindrops look like little diamantes and the manip made it look pretty cool. Spidy reminded me of my brother's collection on tarantulas during his uni days. he would bring them back from the UK in match boxes and you can't even see them at that point. then they grow and grow into palmsize spiders. pretty neat! you could actually put them on your palm and put a drop of water and they will drink it up :) your spidy tho is another story!!

  2. I was totally enchanted until I saw that unwelcome guest....eeks, he looks mean! Those webs are certainly things of beauty though!

  3. ~good morning there...thanks for giving me the shivers...that is one spider that i would be bidding farewell to as such heartfelt welcoming for him...but the magic that lies within them...weaving the thinniest of threads...into the most beautiful webs is really quite captured their webs wonderfully well...much love light and blessings~

  4. gorgeous! one of my favorite things is nature dressed in raindrops! fun how you played with the images too.

  5. Oh wow, would not want to see one of those spiders up close! Your shots of the webs are just so magical...nature is such a wonder!

  6. Nice photos, I like the drops of water suspended in the web. Wonderful sculpture of the spider. Greetings.

  7. I am not crazy about spiders but if I find one in the house I always try to put it outside.. of course our varieties are safe. I do love the dew drops on spider webs- such wonderful patterns that show up..I am going to try some of the new apps I added to my iPhone too.

  8. Barry, I was just wondering if you've noticed a drop in spider numbers at all? I'm not crazy about spiders, and I have to admit, Redbacks get no mercy from me as they can be deadly to small children and dogs, but spiders (apart from aforesaid Redbacks, and Daddy-long-legs) seem to be very thin on the ground in the last few years. I saw my first golden orb spider in ages last weekend, in the countryside, and they used to quite common in the suburban garden on hot nights, and I haven't had to chase a Huntsman round the bedroom walls with an icecream container in years. I find it kind of worrying.

  9. Hello, Barry.

      Your work is embraced in your gentleness.

      Thank you for the warmth of your heart.

      The prayer for all peace.   
    Have a good weekend. From Japan ruma ❃

  10. Spiders are just so extraordinary. Their webs so intricate and delicate... but super strong. I know when I walk early as I'm often entangled in them along the paths. Lovely pics.

  11. L, P (MB), B, TL, CM, L, T,D,MIA, R & JM - funny how we tend to enjoy the webs especially with rain or dew drops but like the owners to stay outside in the main. B & D - in the case of the funnel web spider it had to be despatched - too dangerous. CM - so correct - nature offers such magic. L -I'm afraid the spider was real not a sculpture - pretty big about 75mm in diameter. MIA - maybe because of your dry seasons the numbers have gone down. We still have lots of orb spiders - quite like them - so do birds and wasps. Part of the natural cycle.JM - it always gives one a start when getting a facc full of web on an early morning walk - makes me ask where is the spider, who and how big. Thanks all for enjoying the diamante like drops of water on the webs. Go well. B

  12. Excellent photo of the Funnel Web, Barry. Last year we had them in the house, the pool, wandering the gardens, but this year have only seen a few. I don't mind not having them in the house and pool but it does worry me that they seem a bit thin on the ground. Lots of Orb Weavers waiting to catch the unwary walker, but what we are missing on our land this year are the deafening cicadas. Last year thousands, this year maybe half a dozen. Part of nature, I guess, but I hope they come back next year.

  13. And fancy, I had two of these just over the way at the MAR. I was clam in my approach but I am afraid I did kill them. It was me or the funnel web spiders. One came into my apartment after rain and the other came in after Gary drenched the fron to the building. I imagine they are around all the time but come out when water is around.


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