Monday, January 30, 2012

Treasures in NYC

I think Fiona's and my fitness has gone up a touch in NY. We find ourselves using the Subway and just walking heaps - all day in fact. The aim of the day was to go to a couple of flea markets (Hell's Kitchen on 39th and Garage Antiques Market on 25th); and end the day at MoMA. We surfaced at 42nd street and one of first images we saw was this placemaking art piece that marked the fashion area.

Barry Smith © Needle and button in the fashion area NYC
Then to the markets.

Barry Smith © The Garage Markets on 25th st NYC
Where I managed to pick up treasures including the following; and Fiona acquired some that suited her art taste.

Barry Smith © Rusted and mini brass pulley wheels
Barry Smith © Close up of mini pulley wheels
Barry Smith © Pressure gauges
Barry Smith © Silver plated salt shakers
Barry Smith © Parker pen and decorative silver bit
Barry Smith © Larger crystals on wollen hat
Barry Smith © Crystal detail
Then off to MoMA where we saw much but I share but a few images.

Barry Smith © MoMA -stairway to the arts
Barry Smith © Detail of Andy Warhol's Gold Marilyn Monroe
Barry Smith © Detail of Girl with a Mandolin - Pablo Picasso
Barry Smith © Shadows of the art - Bicycle Wheel - Marcel Duchamp

Barry Smith © Detail Water Lilies - Claude Monet
After a market and art drenched day we have returned 'home' to have 'deli dinner' and a wine or two. All in all another great day in NY. All photos via the iPhone.


  1. you are so awesome! hope you enjoyed the hot dogs! and don't you just love moma?

  2. You are having a fabulous time... and what little treasures you've collected. Goodonya.

  3. Hope you only took the minimum so you can get all that home in your luggage!
    Sounds fantastic.

  4. hi Barry.. just catching up.. welcome to the northeast US.. good to see that you are enjoying the very best of of my most favorite places in the world.

  5. Looks like your having a wonderful time and you've found some fun pieces. I'm sure they will be transformed. I've never been to NY... maybe someday. Enjoy and Happy Birthday!

  6. What can I say except soooooooooo jealous. Thanks for sharing xoxoxoxo

  7. You do pretty well at the flea market, Barry! Love the tiny pulleys and the salt shakers are a dream! I can see new light catchers in your future as well...

  8. Nice post, thanks for this beautiful art by New York trip.

  9. Well, well, seems you've become natives in just a few days! Walking everywhere, deli dinners with wine (still a habit of my parents who have lived in Manhattan for 40 years!)I had a feeling the flea markets would be one of your stops, so glad you found some treasures! Sounds like you'll need some rest and relaxation in the countryside by Thursday...

  10. Sounds like the perfect day .... rounded off with wine and recapping. Love your purchases especially the mini pulleys. The button and needle sculpture is wonderful! I have butterflies thinking about your days walking about New York and am very happy to tag along here on your blog.

  11. That first picture - I have one just like it! Taken last October. Such an exciting place. Your pics made me feel like I had just done one of those long days of walking and subways.
    Thanks Barry!
    Regards Meg (confuzed) from ALAW

  12. What more could one ask for.. flea markets, MoMA and NYC. I will be there in May because my son will graduate from Columbia University with his Masters in Fine Art degree.. yahooo.

  13. Love all the rusty bits you found and can't wait to see what they'll become.

  14. MJ, JM, P, L, SZQ, N, S/R, L, TT, R L, L & J - hi folks one of the great things about blogs is the ability to share the journey - life and art - glad you have enjoyed the little I have shared. MJ - MoMA was special. JM - such treasures. P - if I had more room I would have purchased so much more. L - if time permitted we would have liked to visit more people yourself, Velma, VA and Patti inclusive - next time? SZQ - worth the trip across. S/R - I was reminded of your flea market visits. TT - looking forward to seeing you and B and the countryside. R- isn't it great to tag along - I love going with you on your mountain trips. D- we are staying a few blocks away from C Uni. J - it was so good to meet - like catching up with a friend one hasn't seen for a while. I liked that. All - go well, be well, create well. B

  15. oh wow NYC! what wonderful things they sell at the markets ... i probably wont be able to leave ... well, enjoy yourselves :)

  16. ~art and markets...guess you couldn't have asked for a better day to be found some unique pieces and will be interesting to see where your muse will well and safe travels to continue~


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