Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Magical Mountains

I never cease to be uplifted by the view of the mountains in the valley below our block - "our valley" as  we call it - just borrowed of course.  Some time it is crystal clear; other times it is white with cloud. My favourite view is when cloud is lifting in the soft early morning light - like a light curtain lifting to reveal the valley floor and mountains. Brushing up against the mountains as a gentle breeze blows them as they lift with the early morning sunrise.

Barry Smith © Mountains @ 6am
Barry Smith © Cloud shrouds the mountain
Barry Smith © Mountains @ 6.30am
Barry Smith © Cloud flows over the mountain
Such breathtaking majesty. The photos were taken with the iPhone so I could mess with a couple of the shots - two versions of the earlier grainy close-up and two of the later photo. Maybe it it is my way of drawing attention to the magic nature offers.

Barry Smith © Mountain study 1

Barry Smith © Mountain study 2

Barry Smith © Mountain study 3
Barry Smith © Mountain study 4

That view makes me feel at peace - hope that peacefulness is shared.


  1. Breathtaking views....and certainly magical!

  2. all i can think of is Lord of the Rings!! Barry ... you're SO lucky!!

  3. Some people tell me that one gets blase about a view..... I say NEVER!!!!!

  4. evocative of so very much... i never tire of seeing your world... i have the ocean and other things, but vistas like this are not my norm... thank you -

  5. you always play in ways that are risky and satisfying. thanks.

  6. ~we have a mountain and a river that we borrow as well...but they are ours...atleast in our heart and mind!!! but ours are not out our window...a wee bit of a drive...these are gorgeous shots...some that you edited look like paintings!!!

    wishing you a wonderful year ahead...may the road continue to take you along wondrous adventures...may creative moments arise each day overflowing with ample amounts of time to creat awaye...and peace and joy always remain in your heart...happy belated birthday!!!

    be well and much love light and blessings~

  7. P,L,JM, KL, MD, & V - thanks for checking the magic out. Lovely to look at these myself given I'm away. JM -I never take it for-granted. MD - we all have our vistas and I'm glad I can share mine. L - those dark mountain alterations remind me of LoR and your magic work. V- I enjoy the play with images - glad you like the occasional risky result. Go well. B


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