Saturday, January 28, 2012

Postcards from NY?

Well you will see from the following photos that Fiona and I have escaped the hot weather and rain of Maleny to holiday and celebrate my birthday in New York. We have had a couple excellent blue sky days, then a cloudy-drizzly day and today a bit rainy. So we have walked and done as much outside stuff as we can just in case the rain and/or snow hits and we can then head indoors to the galleries.

So just a few images (postcards) from NY....... all taken on iPhone.

Barry Smith© Fiona gazes out over mid and north NY from 'the Rock' (stitched)
Barry Smith © Detail of arch at the Cloisters NY
Barry Smith© Hot dogs in Central Park NY
Barry Smith © Chrysler Building in the drizzling rain
Barry Smith © Chrysler Building in the sun
Barry Smith © Top of Empire State building in cloud
Barry Smith © Statue of Liberty in morning fog
And of course some of these photos were chosen because they offered better opportunities for alteration as can be seen below.

Barry Smith © A soft altered look at the Chrysler Building 1
Barry Smith © A different look at the Chrysler Building 2
Barry Smith © Altered detail of Cloisters arch
Barry Smith © Empire State - altered
Barry Smith © Statue of Liberty in fog - altered
So as we are away from home my art on Friday, and other days, will be play with my iPhone and iPhonegraphic alterations.


  1. Sounds like a magical break, keep the photos coming for those of us in the hot and dry!

  2. Oh! the magic of New York!!!
    Enjoy every second of it, absorb every bit of the unique atmosphere and inspiration it offers and have fun.
    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Hey there, you're practically down the street! Have a great time in NY, hope you don;'t get this ice, snow and rain we've been getting in Massachusetts. Makes getting around rather slow going!

  4. Wow - so wonderful to see you in NY - thanks so much for making the effort to post xoxoxxo

  5. Wishing you all the best for your birthday, Barry. Have a great time in NY - will be thinking of you on Tuesday...

  6. the city is way too far away...sigh. i love the wild alterations.

  7. Lucky, but obviously chilly, you! Looks like you are getting plenty of art input. Thanks for taking time out to share.

  8. Looks as if you and Fiona are having an absolutely grande time! Wonderful photos! Happy travels!

  9. P, AM, K, VA, N, S/R, V, JM & CM - thanks for the birthday wishes - what a way to celebrate the event!!! VA - because of our poor sense of geography we did not realise that some folk were close by - be good to catch up next time?? CM - we continue to be mesmerised and enjoy ourselves. V - since we can't get up to see you maybe you can get to see us whilst in Aust??? B

  10. what a great way to celebrate your birthday B! Happy Birthday!! Lucky you!!!

  11. ~what a way to celebrate your day!!! have you ever been to the states before or is your first??? it looks as if you are soaking it all up and capturing some great memories to take home with the hot dogs in the park...classic!!! be well and always much love light and blessings be with you and yours~


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