Friday, March 23, 2012

Rust makes its mark

From earlier posts it can be seen that I have been working on a large (3.3X1M) leaf form for Goondiwindi show. I have had it in the rain 'curing' rusting. But what a delightful surprise there was when I stood the pieces up to let the water now run off and have the rust pool a bit more at the bottom. As you can see from the photo below the leaf had stencilled itself on the bitumen. The photo was taken in the late afternoon with the western sun highlighting the rust - and I gave it a little enhancement to get a little more contrast - but worth the manipulation I think. The black drift is tannin stain from some blocks of wood I had used earlier to tilt the metal. Lovely brush strokes courtesy of nature.

Barry Smith © Leaf stencil courtesy of nature
I have had a good run at art this afternoon. I worked on lots of anodised aluminium leaves; but also gave myself a little break to create the little 3 Leaf Bowl (15cm in diameter including leaf forms) below.

Barry Smith © 3 Leaf bowl - top
Barry Smith © 3 Leaf bowl - back
You can see the leaves on this bowl fold downwards creating 3 legs. The metal for it came from a very worn pot - the metal is quite pitted but now also has hammer marks. On the back you can see the remnants of solder where some small legs were soldered on in the past. I did not polish all the soldered off as it would also have removed the patina and pitting.
Barry Smith © The leaf stash grows
And above you can see the leaf stash is increasing - creeping towards 200 now. I am now buffing the sharp edges off and drilling holes to hang the leaves on the pieces I have in mind.


  1. Good luck with the Goondiwindi show B. I really like the 3 leafed bowl and the stash of the coloured leaves look rad! K

  2. rust is so amazing! it's like another medium to create art with ... people paint with coffee, perhaps one day we might 'paint' with rust :)
    that 3 leaf bowl reminds me of a flying saucer!! it's really unique. i love how the veins of the leaves look behind.

  3. Love all these gems....and I think that leaf impression left behind is quite stunning...looks like a screenprint!!
    There's yet another line of artwork for you....making works from the traces left behind of the 3-d'll never be idle! Enjoy!

  4. Hello, Barry.

     Your sweet message and works charms my heart.

     I thank for your usual and hearty support.
     The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

  5. I reckon the huge leaf will blitz the G show. Love the leaf bowl...difficult?

  6. Lovely bowl, Barry. Even the back is beautiful. I am so tempted to put my hands into the leaves.

  7. The little bowl is beautiful, Barry. It looks like a sacred artifact, an incense burner for an altar perhaps?

  8. LOVE the rust leaf painted by nature on the bitumen - serendipity!
    The aluminium leaves are so beautiful all together like that - but I can hardly wait to see how you will use them in the end.
    And the 3 leaf bowl - exquisite, absolutely.

  9. I love your nature based.. leaves and leaf pattern.. and the bowl is simply wonderful.

  10. K, L, P, R, JM, R, MIA, S/R & D - thanks for comments on both 'stencil' and bowl fronts. L - only trouble with rust painting on this scale is it takes a bit of time. P&S/R - you are right - nature's screen print. JM - not difficult if you know how and have done it a few times. R-I agree the back with 3 lines looks good; and big compliment if you think the leaves are worthy of running hands through. MIA - very much like a sacred object. S/R- the number three is good. Go well. B

  11. ~playing much catch up this morning...barry the photograph of the leaf stenciled is just accidental piece of gorgeous art you just so happened to make...your bowl...from an old pot...who would have guessed...i don't think i will ever look at old pots in thrift stores the same...i love hammered pitted a wonderful old comforting feeling to a much here to see...such patience you behold with creating these leaves...200 now...AMAZING!!! be well and much love light and blessings~


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