Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beautiful moon set etc

As many are aware lots of strange things have been happening with the full moon over the last few days.

I knew I was home on the mountain when I could lie in bed and look out our folding doors and appreciate the beautiful colours of the setting moon just before dawn. And of course given I had to get up, I thought why not capture and share a little of that beauty.

©2012 Barry Smith - Pre-dawn moonset
©2012 Barry Smith - Soft valley light
©2012 Barry Smith - Magic mountain
And of course why not alter a couple of the shots.

©2012 Barry Smith - Moonset - altered
©2012 Barry Smith - Magic mountain - altered
Whilst we have been dealing with the health saga, a lone white flower has sat on a kitchen window ledge. Over time it has fully blossomed and now has developed some green bits.
©2012 Barry Smith - From white....
Given that it has been so cold over the last couple of days, I thought I'd give the flower a frosted look.

©2012 Barry Smith - From white with a touch of frost

©2012 Barry Smith - From white - with a touch of frost and colour
All photos taken with the iPhone.


  1. Glad you're back home and on the mend. The shots of the moon are great. Love that view!

  2. Lovely shots, B - at this rate you'll have another book ready soon!

    May your recovery continue to be swift and sure!

  3. Nothing better than home to get you back on your feet and feeling better. That view has a lot of healing power. Do take it easy - don't move to quick. Glad you're home and from experience I'm sure Fiona is relieved also!

  4. Welcome back home Barry. Beautiful to see that you are enjoying the beauty.

  5. Well ! (and that is a word worth keeping in mind at present) You can't keep a creative guy down....obviously.

  6. welcome home Barry!
    your moon photos look a bit otherworldly, wonderful to see.

  7. Your view looks rather like a lunar landscape to me at times!

  8. J, TT, SZQ, LAM, JM, TL & VA - hi all - it is good top be able to do a little more each day - but still a bit wrecked by night time and so off to bed early- but that means I awake to appreciate the early dawns. Thanks for the welcome home - both - home on the mountain and also amongst the ever supportive blog community. It is good to be able to spend a little time checking out what others are creating and getting up to. Go well, be well and create well. B

  9. it must be so nice to lie in your own bed... and while you are having to wake during the night (which hopefully you won't be doing soon), you always seem to make the most of everything... a setting moon is an image one sees rarely - thank you for sharing yours...

  10. Wonderful ...! I like, these variations of the flower are fantastic, they are pure art.

  11. Your moon photos, both as is and altered are very beautiful So good to see you snapping away. The patient chrysanthemum has also been immortalised with your clever touch of frost and then colour. Beautiful photos, Barry. Now stay well.


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