Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last rose of summer and other iPhoneography bits

Not being able to get down into the studio and hammer metal etc has provided me with the opportunity to clean out photos that were still residing on my camera card and iPhone. This in turn provided the opportunity to finish altering a few photos I thought could result in interesting outcomes

But first a photo of a beautiful red rose that bloomed on one of our extremely neglected rose bushes.

©2012 Barry Smith - A rose in winter
Obviously the rose bush was confused and didn't know we are in the middle of winter. The perfume of the flower is just exquisite. It has sat as a single stem beside Fiona's computer subtly injecting rose perfume into our work area.

Below are a couple of the shots that were still saved in the iPhone camera roll.

©2012 Barry Smith - Frozen lake in Central Park NYC
©2012 Barry Smith - Heart in the bark
And some altered photos.

©2012 Barry Smith - White Noguchi paper lamps - Noguchi Museum - Queens NY - altered
©2012 Barry Smith - Tiny translucent toadstools in the grass - altered
©2012 Barry Smith - Storm in the valley - altered
©2012 Barry Smith - Frozen lake Central Park NYC - altered
©2012 Barry Smith - X-ray heart (Heart in the bark - altered)
©2012 Barry Smith - Heart of glass -  (Heart in the bark - altered)
I quite like the frosted over photo of the heart imprint in the bark of a local tree - it reminds me of Blondie's track Heart of Glass.


  1. Some beautiful photos here Barry. My favourites are the paper lamps and the frosted glass heart. I think the iced heart would be the beginning of a beautiful book ..... Good to see you finding creative ways to tide you over until you are back beating away in the studio. Glad to hear you are still on the up! Terrible expression - sorry. You know what I mean though. X

  2. wow!! Storm in the Valley is INCREDIBLE!! the connection between the lightning and the "roots of the earth" is just surreal. beautiful work!

  3. Heart in the bark... I see those around a lot! There's one I keep trying to get a photo of, but the tree is right outside of someone's house and I feel a bit like a poparazzi stopping on a lonely road to shoot a photo at their front door! Hope the scent of rose has been helping your healing.... !

  4. Wow... you were in the right spot at the right time with that lightning. They are all typically creative a la Barry.

  5. So weird that we are on opposite ends of seasons. You've got winter I've got heat wave! That lightning is incredible!

  6. SB, L, VA, JM & SZQ - thanks for checking out my mixed bag of images. L, JM a & SZQ - the lightning is one of my cunning alterations - superimposed over a couple of other manipulations of the original photo - but it does look good and works. SB - yes the iPhone has kept me entertained and creatively sane - but my fingers are twitching for metal. VA - I know what you mean about taking photos of things outside people fences or gates - I always feel a bit awkward. Enjoy life. Go well. B

  7. Wonderful photos Barry and I'm sure working with them is a healing process in itself. The Heart in the Bark has lent itself to beautiful alterations. Thank goodness for our apps. In fact you led me onto the app trail Barry, and I'm forever grateful.


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