Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Morning, magpies, mandalas and the magic of rainbows

OK - so I have tried to combine a whole heap of disparate subjects into the one post using 'M' words - but then again that what today has been about.

Fiona headed off in the dark to go exercising with her group - but I decided to stay in the warmth of the bed and get up and go for a stroll when the sun was up. I have 'strolled' on a few mornings with Fiona so I knew what I could do. I was rewarded with this beautiful pre-sunrise dawn sky - just magic.

©2012 Barry Smith - Soft dawn light to the west
On my Treehaven Way walk the birds were out sitting on the wires doing their morning chorus. The iPhone telephoto lens is not great for bird shots but I like the photo of the Magpie on the wire in the early morning sun and clear blue sky.

©2012 Barry Smith - Magpie on the wire
The walk was very peaceful and a bit like a mobile meditation. Which leads me to Brian Sylvester's mandala cards which arrived in the mail a couple of days ago; and were accompanied by an inspired little book from Gabriella. The cards are excellent quality and I think not only make a great gift but can be used as a portable aid to meditation. You can check Brian's art cards out here.

©2012 Barry Smith - Selection of Brian's mandala cards
©2012 Barry Smith - Healing vibes from Gabriella
And it must be the middle of winter as the morning sun is very much to the north and low on the horizon so we are once again having a flood of rainbows throughout the house.

©2012 Barry Smith - Rainbow on the kitchen bench
Life is good. All photos taken with the iPhone and surprise - unaltered.


  1. Wonderful compositions, I like the lights and colors in the sky of the first. A hug.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, Barry! I know my little book is a poor cousin to Fiona's magnificent creations, but I have been holding on to those papers for a long time waiting for their purpose and destination and when it was announced, I obeyed. Did you guys "get" that the inspiration was that photographic triptych F and I lingered over at the Arts Center in Manchester VT when you visited us?

    Funny you mention rainbows. We had a wonderful spectrum appear in the sky Saturday such as I've never seen - not so much a rainbow as a big smear of colors - a deconstructed rainbow as it were! So - though far away we seem to be linked in more ways than one. All the best to you and F!

  3. We're in for a day of intense heat.. Summer Solstice! happy WInter Solstice. That top photo could be an older painting of mine from when I painted in Greece - sea and sky, horizons.

    Glad you're feeling up for walks and shooting photos,
    have a warma and cozy day.

  4. sounds like a perfectly lovely morning. rainbows, mandalas and lovely stroll.

  5. It must be great to have rainbows everywhere... hope you soon find the pot of gold.

  6. What a rainbow colored life you lead.. meditations on sky, bird and individual blessings and moments.

  7. Good to hear you can go out to stroll. The rainbow is pure magic - what a wonderful visual - a house full of rainbows...

  8. L, TT, VA, JM, TL, D & S/R - always good when one can share the beauty of place with those who are experiencing their own place - and they can be so different - another of those things I love about the blog community. L - morning are so gentle here and so soft pastel. TT - yes we did get the reference and what a beautiful reminder - a return to Vermont is on the list of to dos. VA - you guys seem to be having heaps of high heat - very trying - I'm staying cozy and getting stronger. JM - the pot of gold is each rainbow. TL - thanks. D- there are so many moments when I feel such a gift has been given. S/R - so uplifting to wander the house and discover yet another rainbow. Go well all and may your days be filled with light and rainbows. B

  9. How lovely to have those rainbows in the house. And didn't the iPhone perform well!


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