Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A bunch of bright bracelets

I decided to make a silver plated EPNS cuff bracelet for a friend - but as you know one thing leads to another with we artists - so I ended up making a bunch of the bracelets.

©2014 Barry Smith - A bunch of bright bracelets
One thing I did discover when trying to photograph them was they are just so bright and shiny that they reflect everything - including the photographer and the studio. So that means I really do need to make a photographic light box for shiny jewellery. So - sorry in advance for the poor photos.

Three of the cuffs fan out on one side (one is more delicate)  - Fiona agreed to be the hand model to show how the fanned edge works beautifully as it sits nicely over the wrist and top of the hand - new design!!

©2013 Barry Smith - Fiona models the bracelet with fanned lower edge
©2014 Barry Smith - Fanned edge cuff bracelet
©2014 Barry Smith - Cuff bracelet with lees of a fanned edge
There are a couple of different diameter more tradition bracelets that curve out and are closed circles that slip over the hand.

©2014 Barry Smith - Bracelet (inner diameter 7.8cm)

©2014 Barry Smith - Bracelet (inner diameter 6.8cm)
And there are 3 bracelets where the bottom of the curve nestles softly against the wrist.
©2014 Barry Smith  - Pair of cuff bracelets
©2014 Barry Smith  - Single cuff bracelet
Some of these cuff bracelets will make their way into the shop when I can take decent photos. I was pleased with the bracelet for the friend (the one at the bottom); and with the bunch that accompanied it. Because all the bracelets are made from used and recycled silver plated EPNS objects they all have varying degrees of marks and scratching - not bad - just a bit of history.


  1. Oh Barry you tempter you. I would love one of those.

  2. I think all the reflections add to the beauty of the bracelets.. but then I am looking at them as possible abstract paintings.

  3. Hi P and D - thanks for checking out the glitter stuff. P - these are simple but gorgeous pieces. Fiona who is not a bracelet wearing person has worn one of the fanned pieces since I asked her to be the hand model. D - I agree they do good abstract reflections - but that is a bit of a challenge if I want to put them in my shop. Go well - peace. B

  4. Oooooer....more tempting stuff. They are lovely Barry.

  5. I thought the same about the paintings As Donna, and the photographs you post are aways delicious. I was lucky enough to see one of the finished products on Fiona's wrist yesterday. Very elegant.

  6. JM & S - thanks for your comments. JM - always good to be tempting. S - I'm now investigating a photographic tent - even though folks like the abstract reflections they don't go well from a true image perspective - particularly when I'm reflected in the image. Go well. B

  7. created more!!! they are quite stunning and feminine in their simple state...very versatile pieces...they are just plain beautiful...much love light and blessings~


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