Sunday, January 19, 2014

I was supposed to be sorting my studio areas ….

I promised myself that over the weekend I would finish sorting my studio areas because they were in chaos after pre holiday and open studio work, recent commission and purchases in Arizona and NYC. I did make a good start but yesterday afternoon I succumbed to the lure of metal; and this morning was given over to a printmaking 'play day' with a couple of fellow artists.

I just had to finish the pods I started on Friday; and I wanted to test a new stake I purchased from Greg Wilbur in Portland Oregon. I wanted to see how the stake dealt with making tiny raised bowls. Well you can see from the photo below that the stake worked well. The tiny bowl in my hand was hammered from a square scrap (about 3.5cm square) of brass from an old jardiniere.

©2014 Fiona Dempster - Hand of the maker with tiny raised bowl (hmm - fingers could do with a clean)
The copper rivets on the bases of the Pods have worked a treat - a good way to fill the holes and create a design feature?

©2014 Barry Smith - Rivets in Pods bases - reflecting the ceiling beams
I also used the stake to round in the edge of the more conical of the 3 pods in the photos. The Pods look great - all are quite small - all about 40-50mm long and 43-50mm in diameter. Two of the Pods are silver plated EPNS and one is silver plated copper. The small brass raised bowl looks good with the group.

©2014 Barry Smith - A cluster of small Pods and brass raised bowl
©2014 Barry Smith - A cluster of small Pods
I gave the larger Pod another polish and made a small brass stand for it out of a slice of brass tubing.

©Barry Smith - Baptismal cup Pod (formerly baptismal cup) with brass stand
A good art weekend; as well as a good social weekend of catching up with friends.  Oh well - I guess I will sort the studio areas during the week!!!!


  1. Definitely awesome these wonderful compositions! Nice pictures with those exquisite reflexes!

  2. ~b...the first picture made me think of a wee egg shell...delicate in their in their lightness and littleness...could possibly go along with your traveling if you don't have enough creativity flowing about...thought i would throw it out there for you to ponder...your pods got me thinking of a blessed moon bowl {each full moon i fill a bowl with water and ask for her blessings...the water is used throughout the month as a way of cleansing one spirit and surroundings} wonder if you could do something with such thought...loving the wee little ones made...much love light and blessings~

  3. How easily artists are distracted...thank heavens.

  4. fabulous shapes.... and the teeny bowls are so cute. Like brandi's moon blessing bowl idea *waves at brandi*. tidying up always leads to so many ideas for me... glad you succumbed!

  5. Such shapes, B, just luscious! Your photography is superb!

  6. oh wow ... the copper rivets!!! genius!


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