Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Review and refresh

The beginning of the year offers many opportunities - many resolution can be made and later broken. Fiona and I committed to reviewing our websites and refreshing them and our online shops. Fortunately we have each other to encourage; and we managed to do our review etc over the last few days.

I have reorganised my galleries in my Portfolio page.

I managed to: add a new gallery on Pods into my Portfolio page; added quite a few photos to the galleries; moved some around; and ditched a few. With Fiona's encouragement I even named my photos - that gives a bit of a hint as to what they are about. I think visitors will get a better view of my art practice now.

And I managed to review my online shop. A number of new items have been added; and I think the items are better organised. See what you think.

I still have not put any large works into the shop - always an issue with packing and transport. Still It is a good feeling to have achieved one of my resolutions for 2014. Hope you are able to check out the Portfolio galleries and enjoy the wander through a few images new and old.


  1. ~a job well done...beautiful collaboration of all your time and pieces coming together as one...easy to wander through and get lost within the pages...what stood out the most was the one single was so very like and the pods...I think it is brilliant that they are not flat bottomed...a side laying piece that allows them to stand out in an interesting way...much love light and blessings~

  2. I love the changes! Much easier to navigate and to see which of your amazing works are in stock.

  3. A veritable treasure trove....beautifully displayed. Well done Barry.

  4. B, AA & JM - thank you for your supportive and encouraging comments - they do mean a lot - helps me feel I'm on the right track. B - thanks for the feedback about finding your way around the shop. Have to love a feather? AA - thanks - in looking back my shop was a bit of a jumble. JM - precious pieces for sure. All thanks - and peace. B


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