Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gifts - of metal and nature

I'm still fully into making the stash of Leaf Letter Openers but I do get distracted a little every now and then. I made the classic unadorned cuff bracelet a few of days ago. I gave the cuff away to a friend who loves bracelets but does not buy them for herself. She loves the simple beauty of the bracelet and said it is a delight to wear - good outcome for a distraction. It was made from recycled silver plated EPNS.

©2014 Barry Smith - Unadorned cuff bracelet
©2014 Barry Smith - Unadorned cuff bracelet
The photos above are not so good as they were taken in a rush and now the cuff has gone. The photos below are from several nights ago. We had this raging lightning filled thunderstorm(s) and the sunset took place over and hour whilst there was still cloud and a drizzle of rain - all combined to create amazing light.

©2014 Barry Smith - Sunset after thunderstorm 1
©2014 Barry Smith - Sunset after thunderstorm 2
©2014 Barry Smith - Sunset after thunderstorm 3
©2014 Barry Smith - Sunset after thunderstorm 4
©2014 Barry Smith - Sunset after thunderstorm 5
©2014 Barry Smith - Sunset after thunderstorm 6
The photos were taken with the iPhone and in the case of the panoramas I used the Autostich app.
The giving of the bracelet and viewing of the sunset both were sources of joy.


  1. a beautiful cuff
    gorgeous pinks skies
    such a delight.

    lovely new year to you!

  2. ~its like a firey explosion of color painting the sky...amazingly beautiful sunset to end your night...b...the cuff is delightful piece you created...seems as if your artistic abilities and collections are so hope you continue to explore the idea of more! a wonderful statement piece...much love light and blessings~

  3. What a brilliant sunset! Well done little iPhone, though it's in the hands of a good operator! I think your photos of the cuff are really beautiful, B, especially the slightly unearthly look of the first one. A wonderful gift.

  4. Hi TL, B and C - thanks for dropping by and commenting on the cuff and the beauty of nature. TL - may 2014 be a grand year for you. B - explosion is right. And yes there will be more cuffs - elegant, simple and classic. C - by earthy you probably mean grainy - but it was a good piece. Go well. B


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