Friday, January 17, 2014


Over the last couple of days I have been sorting out my working areas and also sorting metal; but I have also been doing a couple of pieces of work that are to repay other artists for their contribution to my work. In the first instance I made a name badge-brooch; and in the second I made a Pod. These pieces repay folk who give stuff to me to recycle for my art. In the first instance crystals and metal; and in the second watch and clock bodies and parts.

©Barry Smith - Rough rim of pod - lovely organic shape
My post tonight focuses on Pods. I had committed to make a Pod out of a baptismal cup that belonged to the clock part giver. I decided to make several other Pods from bases of goblets and a trophy cup as part of my Friday art. The recycled goblet bases all had holes in the centre so I decided to experiment with the inclusion of a copper rivet and copper washer to fill the hole.

In the development stage the Pods can look pretty ugly as you push the metal from almost flat or shallow bowl forms into a deeper bowl and then pod form.

©Barry Smith - Three pods in different stages of forming - see the rivet in centre of goblet base
©Barry Smith - Two of the Pods in pre-polishing stage
With a little more hammering and polishing they take on a beautiful form and lustre. The small Pod is shown with the copper rivet on the bottom. The larger Pod made from the baptismal cup was silver plate over copper. The silver plate was thin so the copper shows through with hammering and polishing.

©Barry Smith - The above Pods polished - note the copper rivet in the centre of the smaller pod.
©Barry Smith - The above Pods polished 
I hope to continue work on the other pods over the weekend. The baptismal cup Pod has worked out well; and I think a lovely bit of reciprocity for the watch and clock parts.


  1. Beautiful, Barry, I'm especially fond of your pods! And speaking of reciprocity, I've been in a stressful time and, though I've popped in now and again to read your posts, I've been more looking than commenting. But I'm still around!! Have a nice weekend.

  2. barry, these are absolutely stunning - i would love to be able to cup one and hold it in the light. you are such a talented man, your dedication to your art is inspiring. and it shows.

  3. ~there is a wonderful gift to be had in the pleasure of giving and receiving...not in having too but in wanting too and i think they will be ever so pleased with the pods you have created...the added contrast and dimension of the copper rivet suits them quite well...enjoy your weekend ahead...much love light and blessings~

  4. Hi VA, SB, MJ & B - thanks for checking out the work in progress - keeps me working. VA - sorry to hear that you have been in a stressful time. If popping in just makes life seem a little less stressful that is good. Sending you +ve vibes. SB - yes worthy of lust. MJ - cupping them in the hand and just caressing them is good - seems to be calming in itself. B - I agree the giving and receiving are gifts on many levels. The copper rivets are a trial but I think they could become a feature where the recycled material requires it. All - be well and go well in life. B


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