Sunday, February 16, 2014

A little more production

As some may be aware I delivered my 50 Leaf Letter Openers to the company that commissioned them.

The company was very pleased with the delivery; and ordered another 50. I said I could do that; but preferred to do them in batches of 10 over the next few months. I have completed my first batch of 10 as you can see from the photos below.

©2014 Barry Smith - 'Handles' of Leaf Letter Openers
©2014 Barry Smith - Tips of LLOs
©2014 - LLOs ready for delivery
I took the opportunity to complete a few brass and copper leaves I started some months ago.

©2014 Barry Smith - Leaves - just because …...
I will be on the look out for more flat silver plated EPNS and copper to complete the other 40 Leaf Letter Openers.


  1. That's some commission. Well done Barry.

  2. Great! And now I know you've been collecting in Tasmania... Look forward to much more shiny stuff.

  3. Congrats, but it's no surprise that the company ordered another 50, all of your leaves look fantastic!

  4. ~congrat's to you and your work...i like the idea of working in smaller groups...more manageable and not so overwhelming i am sure...may these leaves continue to fill the homes of many...much love light and blessings~

  5. JM, C, GB & B - sometimes commissions do not seem like creativity but at least it is use of creative skills. JM - certainly a challenge. C - you are so right - I need all the metal I can get. GB - thanks. B - thanks - and you are right it is a good feeling to know our art can find new homes and bring joy. All - go well. B


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