Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Travel fragments

One thing I notice about photos that Fiona and I take on our travels is that rarely do they include people; and often they are photos of fragments or the texture of things.

I still need to sort my photos from our trip to the US in Nov-Dec last year; but because it is Wednesday I thought I might share a few of the fragments taken with the iPhone.

Sometimes it is the line that catches the eye; or weathered texture; or the contrasts; or the quirky nature of an assemblage; the play of light; a shadow ……..

©2013 Barry Smith - Texture of timber
©2013 Barry Smith - Silent now
©2013 Barry Smith - Encrusted
©2013 Barry Smith - Faint trails
©2013 Barry Smith - Cold night
©2013 Barry Smith - The centre of things
©2013 Barry Smith - To shock and attract
©2013 Barry Smith - A symbol
©2013 Barry Smith - Water shadow
©2013 Barry Smith - Curled in pristine crystal 
©2013 Barry Smith - Curves and contrasts in Central Park
©2013 Barry Smith - Bright in a frozen landscape
©2013 Barry Smith - Gay statement
©2013 Barry Smith - Shimmering shadow and light
©2013 Barry Smith - Ice, stone and green shoots
©2013 Barry Smith - Fading peace
©2013 Barry Smith - Rust and concrete
©2013 Barry Smith - Sidewalk colour
©2013 Barry Smith - Sharp contrast
©2013 Barry Smith - Shadow of a blade
©2013 Barry Smith - Delicately waiting for spring
©2013 Barry Smith - Frozen ripple
©2013 Barry Smith - Remnants of creativity
©2013 Barry Smith - Network 
©2013 Barry Smith - Through the crack
©2013 Barry Smith - Quiet turning point
Maleny Printmakers are to hold the group's next exhibition over Easter - the theme is journeys - I still have not worked out what I would contribute - maybe some of the fragments could morph into prints!!!!


  1. What a visual FEAST! Thanks! Love that you and Fiona and Velma got together. The wonders of this world and the creative web here, so great.

  2. What a delight! One wonderful treat after an other. I felt very moved by the piano and just loved those fluffy seed heads. Thanks, B!

  3. Great photos...the piano my favourite. It's amazing what colours, textures, and shapes can be found in the oddest places.

  4. ~some of those "fragments" seen through your eyes would make gorgeous prints!!! i love the silent now, a symbol and fading peace...a beautiful glimpse of the world through your eyes...much love light and blessings~


  5. Hello, Barry.

    Good feeling works.
    Thank you for your visiting always.

    Good week is coming.
    From Japan, ruma ❃

  6. VA, C, GB JM, B & Ruma - thanks for sharing those fragments with me. After a trip one can have so many images - why is it that some just capture the spirit of the journey more that others. VA - it always is a delight to catch up with the true blog tribe. C - I truly loved that old piano. GB - thanks. JM - thanks. B - I'm thinking some will make good prints for our next printmaking exhibition. Ruma - thanks - glad these images bring joy. All - go well. B


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