Sunday, February 9, 2014

Two hands of earrings

I managed to complete 10 pairs of earrings from the stash of bits I prepared on Friday: 5 pairs of riveted earrings; and 4 pairs of dangly-swinging earrings. I still had some pieces left and a number of other 'found' bits; but there were other things to do on the block - so I settled for 10.

©2014 Barry Smith - 5 pairs of riveted earrings
The photo above shows the group of riveted earrings. And individual shots follow below.

©2014 Barry Smith - 2 layered triangles
©2014 Barry Smith - 3 layers and additional rivets 
©2014 Barry Smith - 3 layers with copper rivet
©2014 Barry Smith - 3 layers with salt shaker rose
©2014 Barry Smith - 3 layers of texture
The first photo below shows the group of dangly-swinging earrings; and also individual shots.

©2014 Barry Smith - 5 pairs of earrings with movement
©2014 Barry Smith - 2 layers with chain
©2014 Barry Smith - 2 shiny layers
©2014 Barry Smith - Slim silver plate over copper spirals
©2014 Barry Smith - 3 swinging layers
©2014 Barry Smith - 2 layers - long and slender
Quite a good outcome. These types of earrings are quite time consuming for me as they have multiple layers and some of the pieces are fairly small for my hands - especially when it comes to riveting. These earrings will head to Melbourne.


  1. Busy bee Barry - nice collection :)

  2. A very good outcome, Barry! It's hard to imagine you also have a day job.

  3. VA, KR & R - thanks for checking out the latest earrings production. VA & R - must say I just get on a roll sometimes. Go well. B

  4. What a roll you are on! Can't decide which I like the most. Very desirable, all of them...

  5. C - desire is not a bad thing. B


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