Sunday, February 2, 2014

Art - 90% perspiration?

This past weekend has been great from an art perspective; although quite a lot of the time went into creating the right work environment and doing preliminary work such as: installing the roller press on the bench adjacent to Fiona's studio; relocating the blacksmith's vice down to the hot-work area; installing and testing our new guillotine; sorting the pocket watch pieces I bought in New York and dismantling, cutting and polishing some bits ready for Steampunk jewellery; and doing a prototype of a leaf form that will be part of one of my pieces for the Aspects art exhibition in Goondiwindi.

The roller press and guillotine bolted to the shed-studio work bench (where I also do polishing work).

©2-14 Barry Smith - Metal roller and guillotine
The guillotine in action - it has a 300mm blade; but effectively cuts 265mm - heavy duty. This will make production work so much easier on the hands.

©2014 Barry Smith - Cutting silver plated EPNS for Leaf Letter Openers 
©2014 Barry Smith - Cutting pieces recycled copper for large (250mm long) leaf forms
The blacksmith's vice joins the other vice on the hot area work bench.

©2014 Barry Smith - Hot-work bench with vices
Some of the pocket watches - cut and polished waiting for turning into simple Steampunk jewellery pieces.

©2014 Barry Smith - Pocket watch pieces - cut and polished - ready for assembly
©2014 Barry Smith - Pocket watch pieces - cut and polished - ready for assembly
And the prototype for a leaf form on a rusted steel rod

©2014 Barry Smith - Patinated large leaf form riveted to 8mm steel rod
©2014 Barry Smith - Patinated large leaf form
The weekend's art work does seem to support the notion that a fair amount of an artist's time is spent on art related activities; and not always the creation and finishing of pieces. I still enjoy the preparation etc processes.


  1. What a time you and Fiona have been having since your holiday over here. Love seeing the pocket watch pieces all disassembled and ready for becoming jewelry. And that patinated leaf...heavenly.

  2. hi B!!!!! :) Long time no see!!
    Omg! i just love where you work ... like a dream studio. so relaxing and inspiring! now, that guillotine ... on one hand I WANT ONE TOO, on the other hand ... oooo, looks so sinister!. maybe not now, maybe when little Maia is grown up enough not to accidentally mess around with it.
    Hope you and F have been doing well, which i bet you have, with all the coffee beans you've been harvesting and chillies in the jars F have been busy making :)

  3. What a collection of clever tools you have...and it grows continually. Anything that takes the hard work out of creating can only be good.

  4. Hi J, L and JM - thanks for not being bored with the tour of the tools and works in progress. J - a good feeling to know a little of NY is in OZ and being transformed. L - so good to have you drop by - and you are right the guillotine is far too dangerous for little fingers. JM - must be a sign of the ageing process needing more tools? All go well. B

  5. I love the pieces of watches !

  6. Oh, I could never be bored seeing how you set out your tools, how you gather more wonderful bits and pieces... The two bench spaces are wonderful!


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