Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A slightly different request

As I have said in other posts, I sell my ladles and leaf-spoons through our local excellent gift and homewards store - Maleny Additions. The stock of ladles and leaf-spoons have sold out so I'm in the process of making another batch.

Below is a photo of the beginnings of lots of pieces - from left to right: Daily Word bowl blanks; Leaf Letter Opener blanks - partly marked up; Leaf-spoon blanks - marked up; formed rough bowls for ladles; and a couple of triangles of metal for a new request - Cake Lifters!!!

©2014 Barry Smith - Multiple tasks on the go
The Cake Lifter request has a bit of urgency about as I think it could be a wedding gift or for use a a wedding - so I got to finish that today. The photos below show the components in the rough; and then assembled (riveted) and polished.

©2014 Barry Smith  - Cake Lifter components ready for polishing and riveting
©2014 Barry Smith - Cake Lifters
©2014 Barry Smith - Cake Lifters
©2014 Barry Smith - Cake Lifters
And of course I made two to give the person a choice. Both blades of the lifters are cut from a very heavy patterned silver plate over copper circular serving tray - very old. The blades are 10-12 cm long - lift a good sized piece of cake. The silver handle was formerly the handle of a cake tray - cut down and bent this way and that. The copper handle is very heavy gauge copper wire - twisted in the vice and flattened on the anvil. As my first Cake Lifters they have turned out well. Off to Maleny Additions tomorrow or Friday.


  1. Yes, I like it a luxury to cut and serve cakes with these works of art!

  2. Really lovely cake lifters. Not sure how I'd choose but no doubt the bride will be thrilled with her choice. I do enjoy seeing all your blanks marked up - it still seems miraculous to me that they then become those elegant polished items we see the next post.


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