Friday, March 21, 2014

Steampunk lamp in the making

I'm always a bit surprised when I get to Friday night to see that the day has been full of many things. Today has been no different so I should not be surprised: a morning of community related meetings: getting stuff ready to do a job over at Fiona's folks tomorrow morning (it involves cement); and then into the studio-garage this afternoon.

But added to the mix was a little surprise in my quenching bucket - at first I thought the larger lizard had expired but I found once I drained off the water and gave it time it revived - that was a good start to the afternoon. The lizard is about 35-40cm long.

©2014 Barry Smith - Large lizard recovering in empty quenching bucket
Then I cut up footing metal in preparation for the job tomorrow.

©2014 Barry Smith - why not create a bit of a pattern with the post footing metal!!!
On to the planned activity for this afternoon - begin assembling a Steampunk bedside or desk lamp. So got together odds and end and started the process.

©2014 Barry Smith - Initial stash for the lamp - some bits rejected and others added along the way
By sundown I had get the rudimentary shape of the lamp together. This has included making lots of new internal and external threads to bolt the pieces together.

©2014 Barry Smith - Steampunk lamp takes shape
©2014 Barry Smith - Riveted lampshade etc
©2014 Barry Smith - Side view of the lamp in progress
©2014 Barry Smith - Front view of lamp in progress
Fiona asked if it would actually work - the answer is yes - I think. I deconstructed a lamp I bought from a garage sale so I will use the electrics (carefully) from that to turn it into an actual lamp. And of source I will test it very cautiously. Off to make pizzas.


  1. lol… on the thumbnail pic before i came over here, your guest looked like an abstract metal shape that seemed really interesting!!

  2. That's really cool Barry. Glad the lizard survived.

  3. Hi SS, VA and JM - thanks for your support and interest. SS - you are so right it did look like a bit of metal - especially given it was sitting on a few handles from trays I cut up. VA - the assemblage work does have a real sense of fun about it - good way to have a break from the more technical work. JM - I breathed a sigh of relief when the lizard scooted off into the bushes - it actually lives in my metal pile. All - go well. B

  4. Happy lizard story B, so that was good. As for your lamp, is there nothing you can't turn your hand to?


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