Sunday, March 30, 2014

Little treasures and other gifts

The weekend has been one of gifts. Today is Fiona's birthday. Because she is: a lover of books certain peace sayings; and multiples - I decided to make her a small peace book installation for her birthday. The metal was cut from a worn silver plated brass tray - lovely textured and golden highlights as you can see from the photos below. The larger book is about 8cm high and 5cm wide; the small upright book is 6cm high and 4 wide; and the landscape book is 4cm high and 6cm wide.

©2014 Barry Smith - Small book installation for Fiona
©2014 Barry Smith - Small book installation for Fiona - top down view
The larger book has peace is every step stamped in it; the smaller upright book has the words seek choose, dream and be peace; and the small landscape book simply says imagine peace.

©2014 Barry Smith - Small landscape book - imagine peace
The second gift of the weekend was spending yesterday with Fiona, Fiona's brother (Al) and his wife (Lorraine) and Fiona's dad (Graham) building the three slat walls under the steps and house of Fiona's folk: and cutting the large side hedge (done by Fiona and Lorraine). It was an all day job but the end results were worth it.

©2014 Fiona Dempster - Al and Barry - slats almost completed
And of course the other gift was from nature - beautiful early morning clouds in the valley and soft morning light.

©20143 Barry Smith - Puddles of clouds in the valley
A weekend full of the gifts of life and love - way to go.


  1. Happy birthday to Fiona. What a fabulous day, and your gift is extra special.

  2. those books… and the morning sky... wow! (& of course those fellas & slat walls) Happy birthday to Fiona x

  3. Many gifts given, Happy Birthday, Fiona!

  4. Hi P, R, JM, SS & VA - thanks for dropping by and checking out the various gifts including Fiona's peace book installation. I'm pleased to say that she thought it is pretty special. At the moment it is sitting in our quiet morning corner - part of the bits and pieces that create a sacred space in which to start the day. Who knows they may stay there and inspire both of us. I must say I enjoyed making them - small and cute. All go well. B

  5. i love how you honor each other. a fine, fine gift.

  6. Beautiful peace book installation for Fiona! A great day!


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