Sunday, March 2, 2014

This and that on the weekend

This past weekend has had so many art fragments in it - so I will share a few.

Well Saturday started with taking delivery of an electronic organ that was to be thrown in the rubbish tip.

The body of the organ - including keyboard will be installed down by the Mango trees on our block as an ageing installation - not a new idea but new for our block. I will remove all the electronics and give good speakers etc away; and use other electronic bits in Steampunk influenced pieces.

©2014 Barry Smith - Three layers of keys
©2014 Barry Smith - This will make a funky installation on the block
And then Saturday afternoon saw the completion of 10 Leaf-spoons - quite a shoal of them - 7 shown.

©2014 Barry Smith - A shoal of Leaf-spoons - ornate recycled silver plate over copper 
©2014 Barry Smith - Leaf-spoons - detail
Saturday night - the opening of the Garry Myers Maleny Art Gallery with my, Noela and Kim's work in the cases. I have 10 pieces of work in the case - very restrained!!!!

©2014 Barry Smith - Cases full of goodies including my bowls
Sunday morning - installing the Portal of Memories with Steph and Mac. Looks great amidst the trees.

©2014 Barry Smith - Portal of Memories
©2014 Barry Smith - Portal of Memories - after the installation
And Sunday afternoon - getting 12 Leaf Letter Openers to the polishing stage.

©2014 Barry Smith - Leaf Letter Openers in the rough on the work bench
A varied and fulfilling art weekend!!!! Now for a glass of wine.


  1. Oh the Portal of Memories is looking wonderful in the forest!! No wonder you are beaming :-)

    1. R - yes a magic piece just suited to the environment - one could almost walk through into another dimension or time or set of lives. Thanks for your comment. Go well. B

  2. reading this made me feel tired. Love the portals amongst the trees.

  3. LOVE the Portal of Memories.. especially seeing it in place, wonderful.

  4. P & VA - thanks for checking out the weekend's work. P - I think I might have been tired myself. VA - place can make the difference. B

  5. The Portal looks so good in that setting; your work looks beautiful in the gallery and my oh my we now have an organ to play with!

  6. The Portal looks just delicious and I am sooooo sad I gave away my old sewing machine when I left Clovelly. Will be visiting the portal next week and be able to appreciate it fully. x


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