Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The beauty of books and paper

I was fortunate to accompany Fiona to Cairns and to see the exhibition Booked she was in; and meet a bunch of impressive and energetic artists.

©2014 Barry Smith - Fiona checks out the Booked exhibition - Fiona's book Peace Mends the World  up front
The artists books in Booked made strong statements for International Women's Day.

We also used our time over the 2 days in Cairns to check out a few other local galleries. We were lucky to come upon this very evocative body of work by Hiromi Ashlin in the emerging artist's gallery of the Cairns Regional Gallery.

I took photos of fragments of some of the pieces which I share below.

The exhibition of her work just reinforced  how much I enjoy the use of multiples and 3D texture on works; and some lovely peace themes also running through some of the pieces. Serendipity is a good thing when it comes to discovering art that you don't expect!!!


  1. Thanks so much for joining me and supporting me at Booked! It was wonderful to share it with you - and how fabulous was that paper art? What a wonder to stumble upon...

  2. Wonderful texture and multiples, I love that, too.

  3. I can see the origami folding in some of the paper works too... the crane and the box origami repeated over and over... must have been very impressive to see... and the book exhibition looks wonderful

  4. F, VA and D - just good to be able to share serendipitous art. F - proud to be with you. VA - multiples rule. D - you are right - I was amazed that the artist had done so much small and delicate origami - gave life and texture to the works and of course another layer of meaning. Peace. B

  5. A lovely post, Barry, and a wonderful look at that beautiful exhibition. So fragile yet powerful. And I loved the glimpse of Booked, and a sighting of Fiona!


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