Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Soft light and fungi

The sun is beginning to rise later on the mountain - I'm not sure how long we will be getting up to do early morning exercise - it might be time to rise according to winter time - a half hour later.

But early mornings have their gifts - like soft light in the valley.

©2014 Barry Smith - Early morning light
And the ability to walk quietly and see the many forms, stages and colours of fungi in the soft light and with morning dew.

And with winter coming the rainbows are returning to the walls of the house as the angle of the sun changes and reflects through the edges of the louvre glass.

©2014 Barry Smith - Rainbows on the wall - Fiona's head casting a shadow
All photos taken with the iPhone of course.


  1. From the opening sky to the closing rainbows, all is glorious!

  2. C - there are times that nature just gets the balance right. B


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