Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Journeys - prints

Fiona and I are participating in another of the Maleny Printmakers exhibitions. This coming exhibition is an Easter exhibition with the general title and theme of Journeys.

©2014 Barry Smith - Close up of On 5th Ave on Fiona's handmade paper
I wanted to focus on a series of prints on ideas and fragments from our December trip to New York city. Time has beaten me so I will be exhibiting two linocut print pieces: On 5th Ave; and Travelling Together.

Initially I was printing these on Stonehenge smooth paper - but I didn't really like the results below. They appeared too flat.

©2014 Travelling Together on Stonehenge smooth paper
©2014 On 5th Ave on Stonehenge smooth paper
Fiona, who was supervising my printing, suggested I try some of her handmade paper given I was printing squares and didn't like the smooth paper - and I really liked the results. Not only did the ink sink into the paper but because the paper had more body and texture the linocut itself created an embossed look. In the end I went with an edition of 5 of On 5th Ave on 15cm square paper; and with Travelling Together I over printed an edition of 5 on 10-12cm squares.

©2014 On 5th Ave on 15cm squares of Fiona's handmade paper
©2014 Travelling Together on 10-12cm squares of Fiona's handmade paper
And of course in the printing process there are always trials - so you can see the left over prints on rectangular and square paper.

©2014 On 5th Ave on small squares of Fiona's handmade paper and rectangles of Khadi paper
©2014 On 5th Ave on 15cm squares of Fiona's handmade paper and rectangles of Khadi paper
So not a big print record of the 'journeys in New York city' -  but at least I will hang a couple on the wall.


  1. They're wonderful! What a great idea for a way to remember your trip. Enjoy!

  2. These are great Barry. The paper is perfect...they have such strength.


  3. Hello, Barry.

      Attractive works.
      You are the excellent artist.

      I thank for your usual and hearty support.
      Have a good day.  
      From Japan, ruma ❀

  4. Wonderful, B, and on Fiona's handmade paper, absolutely stunning!

  5. J, JM, Ruma & C - as always your comments add to my day and my art journey. J - wouldn't it have been good if I had been able to do the series - but time only permits so much. JM - I in fact think that the paper was the clincher. Ruma - thank you for stopping by - it is so good that we arable to share and support each other across the oceans. C - as I said to Jo the paper makes the print. Fiona said it is getting to that time of the year to make another stash - guess I will need to be more involved this year? All - go well. B


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