Sunday, April 13, 2014

Giveaway - peace, angels and being

Last week I realised I was about to reach 750 blog posts - for me that is a bit of a milestone. Today is my 750 blog post -  I'm celebrating it with a giveaway with three themes: peace; angels; and being - all will be revealed below.

©2014 Barry Smith - Angel wings pendant - love and protection - wings about 7cm long
This milestone made me stop and ask myself: why do I try to post reasonably regularly? 

Amongst a heap of things I think it is because it: encourages me to look at the world in an inspired and creative way; reminds me that if I don't put in studio time then stuff does not get created; enables me to share my art journey with a community of fellow artists; promotes what I do and where I'm up to in my own development; enables me to share some techniques; enables me to promote some idea and ways of being; and hopefully it is just a way of sharing art etc with a community. For me the blog offers the opportunity to have more of a conversation than Facebook does.

Anyway enough of that. So there are three giveaways: a small peace book; an angel wings pendant; and a being inspiration-meditation leaf. 

And what do you need to be to be in the draw for one of these giveaways - you need to leave a comment that relates to your artwork of choice. So if you want to be in the draw for the peace book - please leave a comment regarding peace in your life. If you want to be in the draw for the angel wings pendant - please leave a comment about the role-meaning of angels in your life. And if you would like to be considered for the being leaf then let me know what being means in your life. And of course if you want to be considered for all three then you can leave a multi-strand comment.

©2014 Barry Smith - Small (6X4cm) Peace book - imagine peace
©2014 Barry Smith - Small (6X4cm) Peace book - imagine peace
©2014 Barry Smith - Small (6X4cm) Peace book - imagine peace

©2014 Barry Smith - Small peace book & angel wings pendant
©2014 Barry Smith - Angel wings pendant - love and protection - silver plated EPNS, chain and crystals

©2014 Barry Smith - Being Leaf form - silver plated EPNS - about 12-13cm long

The giveaway will be drawn on Easter Sunday (one week from now). Hope you will join me in: celebrating art; the sharing of ideas; and our art journeys.


  1. These are all beautiful pieces Barry.
    I particularly like the angel-wings love & protection pendant. It sings to me.
    Most of my 'Angels' are living ones. Friends & family who have given support during hard life lessons and cheered me on when I needed encouragement. My Dad, who has passed on is my greatest spiritual angel, as are my loved pets who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

    However...... one of the biggest tasks Ive been honoured with is to BE an angel of love and protection to the animals in my trust. Ones who have found themselves unwanted or rejected through no fault of their own. In one case, simply because he was old. An old cat nobody wanted. An old cat who has given me so much joy, love, contentment, warm purring hugs, company and devotion that it breaks my heart knowing one day we will have to say goodbye -

    Six beautiful souls have a forever home with me, and for the ones I meet at work, they have my love and respect too. I love, I protect, I show patience, and they give me their trust in return.
    I think every animal needs at least one angel in their lifetime.

    ....and the special ones who take a piece of my heart with them when they pass on, become my guardian angels- helping direct me to more animal souls in need. Its such a (to pinch the phrase from Lion King) circle of life. Be an angel, and in turn be protected by your own angels, who give you strength to be an angel..... ad infinitum

    1. Hi Jamie - got the connection. B

  2. What beautiful objects, both in inspiration and aesthetically. A very generous way to celebrate this significant milestone Barry. Congratulations! It takes commitment to continue posting regularly and it is always a pleasure to share a little peek into your life up on the mountain.

  3. Hi Barry, thank you for the opportunity to participate in your giveaway. I relate to the Being Leaf Form in that for me it means being authentic, as is nature. Karen E

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  5. All beautiful pieces, and a VERY generous giveaway. To me, peace is not just an absence of conflict, but being comfortable in your own skin. It is a state of mind where you are open and receptive to the beauty around you. Something to aspire to.

  6. Hello Barry,
    Congratulations on reaching your 750th blog. It is a wonderful achievement.
    Thank you for giving people the chance to gain a piece of your wonderful art in this giveaway.
    The Angel Wings pendant sings to me. We lost our beloved dog, then very shortly after three parents within 16 weeks. The in the last month we lost two dear friends. Our angels are with us everyday but such a lovely pendant is a visible reminder as well,
    As a Bowerbird I also relate to your stunningly imaginative work every time I look at our Ranleigh trays.
    Many thanks for this opportunity and I know whom ever is the recipient of one of your lovely pieces will treasure it.
    Many thanks, Judi McKail

  7. Well my dear Barry..peace - someday we may find it so I encourage you to continually remind us of it's power! I'll always have my Angel and as for the Being part...well that's gonna be a work in progress. All the pieces are beautiful and an honor to add any of this beauty to the ones I already possess

  8. PEACE: Attaining peace in your heart or in the world is like what Gaudi is doing in Barcelona. We don't know when the goal is but peace is in the work of creation itself.
    There's no war in the act of art creation.

    Hurrah for the artists! :)

    Cathy Wada

  9. Barry first congratulations on your blogging milestone! All three pieces are lovely and I feel greedy putting myself in the running when so many of your (and Fiona's) beautiful and thoughtful creations already grace my household! But if I had to choose, I would say the concept of being resonates most with me at this point. There seems to be for so many of us far too much striving for meaning in life and far too little simply living meaningfully, simply BEING. Not that striving is a bad thing, but it can be if we are always elsewhere mentally and never present in the moment.

    Thanks so much for your BEING such a creative force whatever it is you happen to be doing, and thanks for sharing that with all of us! Here's to the hundreds more posts and creations to come!

  10. 750 blog posts is no small feat! Each one a visual treat and a delight to read. Your work inspires, Barry.

  11. These are such beautiful pieces, and you're very creative. :-)

  12. oh Barry, peace to me is about people getting on with each other, living in harmony, will it ever happen? I dont know. Angels, hmm not rligious but I was an angel aged 5 at school for our Christmas play, we held arum lillies, always associate them with angels! Leaves, just my most favorite thing to collect, to sew, to paint and use to paint with, look with wonder at this time of the year as they change colour. Go well both of you.

  13. JB, A, K, J, JM, SZQ, AA, AL, TT and P - thank you for your thoughts; and I'm glad that you have taken the time to throw you thoughts into the ring - all will be inn the running for the giveaways. Go well - peace. B

  14. I enjoy reading your posts and always look forward to your wonderful creations. They are calming as well as inspirational. Thank you.

  15. Wow, 750 posts and all looked forward to... Such beautiful giveaways, B, and there will be some very lucky recipients. Such a joy to watch you working and developing your skills and your art. I feel gifted just by being able to watch it all happen.

  16. Oh how to choose?! As I've said before, I keep coming back to your leaves. I think "being" for me is about finding peace whether it is through art, spending precious time with my family or being in nature. Congrats on your 750 posts! I always look forward to them.

  17. Congratulations on your 750th post! I agree with what you said about your reasons for posting - I, too, hope that blogging will help me connect to a wider artistic community. All of your creations are beautiful, but the peace book seems truly magical to me - perhaps because peace is something I so need in my life right now. Thank you.

  18. Hi Barry - congratulations on 750 posts; i love the being leaf. Sindy Stevens


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