Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sorting before the next creation ….

©2014 Barry Smith - Rust on rust - colour appears to be interaction of metals
Over the last six months I have done quite a lot of making of stuff but not a lot of cleaning up and sorting. The week before and over Easter Fiona and I got stuck into the garden and clearing away clutter on the block This motivated me to clean up the metal stashes outside the garage-studio - as you can see the order from the photos below.

©2014 Barry Smith - Copper, brass and rusted sheet iron
©2014 Barry Smith - Stainless steel, copper and brass.
©2014 Barry Smith - part of the rusted object stash
But I had a real mess of metal left over from cutting up trays for the Queensland Literary Awards and Leaf Letter Opener commissions.

©2014 Barry Smith - Metal offcuts and assemblage bits on the sorting table
©2014 Barry Smith - Metal offcuts - I had done one sort already
So over the weekend I said no creating until the metal was sorted; and cut. And you can see from the photos below that not only did I sort but shrunk it down to useful trays.

©2014 Barry Smith - Metal offcuts - cut down further and sorted into use piles
©2014 Barry Smith - section of 500 pieces for daily words and inspiration in the pocket words
©2014 Barry Smith - Decorative off cuts 
I still need to sort tools and assemblage bits yet - but am well on the way - almost feeling righteous.

If you are interested in a stash of metal offcuts - let me know what you want. I'm happy to pack and post if you pay the post. To post a kilo to the US is about Au$30; and a kilo to Europe is about Au$40. Send me an email if you are interested.


  1. A rust junkie's paradise! Love it. Hope you didn't get carried away and clean all that lovely rust off everything. Enjoy!

  2. The colour in your first photo is amazing. Great 'bits'.

  3. I can't get over the colours in the metal corrosion - artwork at its most natural and wonderful. Gorgeous colours that jsut hang together so well.

  4. Quite the stash!! I love getting organized... it makes me a bit crazy when the stashes get out of control.

  5. Hi J, JM, SB & VA - thanks for checking out the backyard and garage-studio blitz and that lovely rust. SB and JM -can't really work out how the colours popped into the photo but I like it. J - the good rust has been preserved - the good part of doing the sort is my mind is already planning pieces. VA - I agree - crazy is not a good place when all one wants to do iOS create - so organised is good. All - go well and create well. B

  6. Oh, that rust! How gorgeous! B, I'm such a rust and metal hoarder, as you know; I'll be emailing you.

  7. Wow, what a great stash. Love especially the embossed metal parts and all the cogs and watch pieces. Fantastic!!!


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